Congratulations Ti-Cats Great way to end a tough game against the Boatman who have a hole in the boat are sinking fast!!!

Shell should be suspended for three games and fined $10,000 for spiting at an opponent on the field NO Class what so ever in this Argo-Snot player.

The Only Good Boatman is a Sunken Boatman in my books, EAT EM RAW TIGER-CATS!!!!!

We made Cleo look like a Lemon tonight! Yes!!!

2 weeks, he’s going to look like a crushed and squeezed Lemon, hahahha :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

very good defensive game. congratulations tiger-cats! finally beat a different blue team.
labour-day should be a good one!

Cleo Lemon, Hummm She was a singer at the Vegas Night Clubs wasn't she?? What's an Argo doing with a Sissy name like that???? Mind you most Argo's are Sissies and Now TIGER-WHIPPED!!!!!

Was it just me or did Lemon seemed to only through short 10 yard passes all game?

Labour Day is gonna be NUTS! :thup: :thup: :thup:

about the same as glenn

You are looking at 3 teams in the east vying for top spot, hasn’t happened in a long time.

Should be interestibg!!

Defensive battle boys, you got to hang in there and hope for the best.

The blue team was undefeated in their house up until this point: Not anymore after the Ticats showed up there tonight.

The blue team had a chance to move into first place. But the Ticats had other plans.

The Ticats were below .500. Not anymore after tonight.

They had to win in their house at least once this year to win the season series (and the Ballard Cup) and can clinch that on Labour Day, and can move ahead of the blue team on that day.

Labour Day should be interesting, even if Shell's saliva will mean he'll sit that game out.

Hey Footbalyoubet, your team the BC Lions, you know the Basement Team of the West, which is owned by David Braley only guy in an eight team league who owns two teams, WHAT A JOKE, BOTH BC AND TORONTO SUCK!!!!!!!

big difference between hard hitting football and ramming someone head into the cement on purpose.

and commenting on a coaches weight is just plain ignorant

is that supposed to make me cry or something?

Total classless!!!

agreed, toronto already showed they were classless tonight, lets not stoop to there pathetic level

you basing that on a single players action??

what fight? just asked you a question.

what fight? just asked you a question.
im sorry if i took it the wrong way, my bad man, i was just trying to say that we should not be classless like shell was tonight and take a cheapshot on him for revenge, we should just get revenge by playing clean, im sure one of our recievers will find a chance to light him up on a block :lol:

works for me

Ya well Lin-J , Barker and Christiansen handed you the game... I mean come on, Hamilton missed so many opportunities... Enjoy the victory while it lasts 'cause Labour Day won't be so much fun... We're all coming down to watch the over-inflated Ti-Cat egos get crushed... Just look what happened to Montreal last week. Kevin Glenn can't complete anything more than 10 yards... one day his runs up the middle is going to end his career.

Once LuLu Lemon has had half the career of Glenn...come back to our boards.