If we are allowed to say it I will celebrate the moment.........ARGOS SUCK, ARGOS SUCK, ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet vindication, or a programming over sight.

This will make it a little less fun.

I was just thinking that prior to parading in the streets we take a moment to reflect.

Looks like we are back to the same 12,500 die hard fans again. Those were the best of the times, and those were the worst of times. We can say and write the forbidden word, we can watch other teams in the playoffs and dare to dream what it would be like if we were there.

I sincerely think that our Ti-Cats are on the right track and will be in the playoffs next season. To quote Paul Osbaldiston and I could not agree more,"Argos Suck. They always have and they always will".

I was just getting used to Argos Blow :slight_smile:

Ok back to the one I grew up with and have chanted for 40 years

Discovery of the year goes to beets! Let us rejoice and celebrate indeed!

Argos Suck!

You know how I know the Argos suck?

Cuz they're SO bad their fans can't even make fun of us!


Hehe you guys are funny.

But the Argos do suck.... That was fun. :lol:

One less thing to complain about.

That leaves 482, give or take about 20.
1. Lumsden and his injury history
2. Lumsden and pending free agency
3. QB situation- Williams, Printers, Porter, only a very few about Tafralis
4. The Moreno trade/non-trade/rip-off
5. Moves by O'billovich
6. Non-moves by O'billovich
7. The D, mostly the DL, then the LB, DB 50/50
8. The DC
9. The OC McManus or who?
10. The D system
11. The O system running or passing?
12. The Oline, either just the OT or all of them
13. Ticket price

       These account for about 90% of the threads; we need to see some activity soon from the Ticats or is going to be a booooooooooooooooooooooooooring November (other than the finals and the GC)

Better Be Careful Bob's Police will ban them words again.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Frankly I don't see Harm in it

I need in here.

Argos SUCK!!!!

Ahh...very therapeutic.

Maybe the curse will soon be lifted.

When's the last time Hamilton made the playoffs? TI-CATS SUCK!

I don't think either of our fan bases are in any position to debate who sucks. But with that being said...

... the Argo's do in fact suck. Now even more than ever!

And that is the first and only time I have ever typed that word on this forum. Not the word 'suck' but rather the one that starts with the letter 'A.' Hey I know another word that starts with an 'A' that I use to describe some of their fans!

It's Audacious.

What word were you thinking of? Oh, THAT one, yeah that's vulgar!

  • paul

That would be " Bingo ". Obnoxious bunch of pantloads. Yup written somewhere in stone for sure .
The Arse *&^% Suck

Yes, the Argos suck.
But so do the Ticats.
Sorry :slight_smile:

That felt goooooooood!..I need a smoke...
oh wait..I don't smoke

that felt better than the first time :lol:

OK "kiddies"....bear with me on this one...

Yes it's nice that the "ban" has been lifted!

However, the fact remains that Argos finished ahead of us and have for quite some time.

Let's not get too proud over our record.

Yes we won the "Ballard Cup" this year and yes we have the lifetime overall, head to head winning record...but the long and short of it is if Argos Suck...what does that say about the Ticats? :wink:

A team is only better than the teams it finishes ahead of!

I think of it this way, no matter how many Super Bowls the Pittsburgh Steelers win, I am sure if you ask Cleveland Browns fans, I guarantee you they think the Steelers suck. No matter what!

Hell, I'm not even a fan of a team in the AFC and I think that the Steelers suck!

Sorry Dan.

  • paul

Thought I would share this with you fans.

We'll all miss the real Teenage Head next week in Montreal. RIP Frankie Venom.

There is blog that gives a little insight and references to the show played at Grey Cup last year and various items that went to rest with Frankie:

[url=] ... 1957-2008/[/url]

(4th paragraph from the bottom)