Argos Suck & so do the CFL Referees

Everytime we (Ti-Cat’s) broke the 5 Yard rule it was a 15 yard penalty. Argo’s did it three times & get 1 - 5 yard penalty???

Once again we play the same team twice in the pre-season, last year I said you cannot evaluate your players against the same team & here we are 0-2 & going nowhere. Were not even competitive.

I was really impressed with Coach Taffs pre game talk on the Dofasco Tiger vision, sounded to us he already knew we were going to lose. It was quite embarassing.

On that note I do have to admit that Bob Young did stop us from saying “ARGOS SUCK” because we do!!!

  1. They caught the ball on the fly, therefore its a 15 yd penalty. Good call each time. We let the ball bounce, 5 yard penalty and at one point they were also called for 15.

  2. New site rule. If you cant spell TAAFFE's name right, you cant post about him.

End of Story.