Argos Suck! baseball caps

Just ordered 30 Argos Suck! baseball caps, will be on sale at all the tailgates(Starting 10 July) $22.00. All proceeds to The Wellwood Resource Centre Hamilton. Come Visit the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Tailgates Lot J

u have a picture of what they look like?

Yeah, lemme see a pic too please
Always great to support a cause and remind the Argo's that they suck :cowboy:

Just like this one, but with out the back ground stuff...hehehe

30 is not enough.......................

I'm thinking the same armchair, last time I made these caps, I was giving them away to all of are western fans.
We will see how the 30 go first.

If you are interested in 1, Lot J, look for the CFL FANS FIGHT CANCER banner.

We are also doing a 50-50 draw too. :rockin: