Argo's/Stamps trade

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Seriously, they each traded a receiver, DB, and heg list player? :lol: Also funny that Toronto gets back PK Sam. :lol:

Looks like they traded guys they were going to cut to me.

I'm not all that impressed with the trade. McNiel comming in is strange... I think he even played qb for a while. The Sam thing anger me... Because this is the player we gave up cope for. word was Robede wasn't going to make the
team this year. I Just did not feel we needed anymore recievers.

Currently, the Stamps have only 2 QBs on the roster, Burris and Tate. I wonder if the thinking is to move McNeal back to QB and have him as the third string ?

Sinopoili will also Be comming to camp to compete
for qb

Ah yes, forgot about him; sorry about that.

No need to appologise. I don't think he actually signed yet. I know nothing about the lineman comming to Calgary. Who are the neg list players?

The neg listers might balance this trade more, but I think Toronto gets more value. Still a pretty meh trade.
You need to do a lot better than PK Sam if you hope tor improve that woeful group the argos call a receiving core.

Sinapoli along with Parker and Junior Turner have signed.

Felt exactly the same way when I heard about the trade, Toronto basicaly got Cope for free in the end.

I can laugh because for once it's not Edmonton doing this. :lol:

Well yes of course the hindsight is 20-20 right?

I read up a bit on Sam's history, and his professional past is full of inconsistency including injuries, as are no fault of his own, and a number of off-the-field issues that indeed are. It's just plain injustice that he has a Super Bowl ring after showing on the game day roster for the Patriots 2004 season for a total of only two games. At some point before the Super Bowl he was suspended for a violation of team rules.

He left Florida State too early too after an otherwise solid junior season as was his only season of high impact in college too.

Sam appears to have had the fundamental tools to be a great and intimidating receiver, but he is just plain not dependable as further history shows.

I say the Stamps made a move to just cut bait and fish otherwise with all the other talent out there.

And indeed in Edmonton after training camp with whomever we have in place besides Stamps, we can only hope to hang with their solid corps of receivers and defensive backs in Calgary all the same.

That's for sure, as definitely for all the whining about the QB situation out there it seems as if Barker et all cannot get this offensive deficit corrected.

The Argos would have a great ball-control offence and overall game, instead of inconsistent, if they would fix just that critical receiving piece but they just won't it seems. :roll:

They are my East team only because I like watching their system when it works, but they sure know how to steal defeat and disappointment from the jaws of any victory or superiority when they are running high on Barker's system.

Damn right …getting something in hand via a pre-cut trade is worth two or more in the bush of free agency.

Calgary vs. Toronto for the 100th G.C.

Fixed it for ya :cowboy:

good job :thup:

A little fun at the end of the day is good FootbalYouBet. Won't be long before the season gets going.

Another five straight, baby! :smiley: