Argo's & Stamps game thread

Lets go Stamps!!


Like the Argo's retro look.

why are the esks and stamps wearing the bombers pants?

Hey a decent start for the Stamps for a change.

Looks like a warm one in cowtown :cowboy:

I was liking the look of this drive until Talbot went down. :thdn:

This looks like its going to be one of those "who has the ball lasts" that wins this one.

Nealy, oh goodie.

Boo Calgary Boo ( sorry to the guy in the other thread that doesnt like Booing)

this has been a very slow game. only one TD and both offenses are looking ok!

hopefully things pick up.

Both teams are wearing uniforms that look better than their regular ones.

I disagree

What the Hell was Burris thinking on that throw to Rambo, man that was UGly

Ah Sandro :wink:

Let's go Calgary!!!!

Wanted: Long snapper....Full time.

That new DE, #98 for Calgary, man he's sure taking Rob Murphy to school........................

Seems like mr Murphy really isn't as good as We thought. Seems all his success comes when he plays dirty. I swear I counted at least 6 times last week where he completely got owned, not just beat, but Owned.

That's pretty much how I"m seeing it.........Stevie Baggs did the same to him last week.........what a waste of salary he's turning out to be.