Argos/Stamps game thoughts

Thought this game deserves some comments from people. I know it's a bit late to be making a thread on a game that is over, but redwhite seems to have dropped the ball on this one. He usually has plenty to say about Stamps games!! Where is he today?!?!?!

Regardless, excellent rebound effort by the Argos. Kept Burris guessing, and making poor decisions. Close at the end, but hey look at the bright side stamps fans. You can pull the "the refs are conspiring against us!" excuse out of your back pocket today. We haven't heard that one in a while... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Will be an interesting Caglary/BC game next week, but BC has regained the advantage for first.

If the refs had made the right call, we would be on pace with BC for first. I don’t subscribe to that conspiracy theory (I’m not a Riders fan :wink:), but that was a BS call.

The ARGOS were the better team tonight.

JEFF JOHNSON's late fumble was not a fumble.

32,000+ where at this game.

ALLEN , was great in the second half and RICKY got a T.D.

Johnson lost control of the ball before he went down ... that was the correct call. Calgary got robbed of a great chance to tie that game.

Very glad to hear about the attendance, and yes Allen played a great second half. The Argos may have been better overall, but they weren't in the last 2 minutes.

I agree canuckev Jeffrey Johnson did fumble the ball and that was the correct call. He lost possession before his knee hit the ground and didn't regain it.

wow , I am really surprized by the above responces.

ARGOS WIN , because they deserved to win.

We don't know what would have happened later. The game would have been tied.

JEFF JOHNSON's didn't fumble.

I was cheering for the Argos but the refs got that fumble by Jeff Johnson right, he lost the ball before he went down and never regained possession of it, in my books that's a fumble.

argos win :thup:

No, we don't know what would have happened later - but at least the Stamps would have had a chance.

The way Calgary played the last 2 minutes, I would say the Stamps deserved to tie it up.

And looking at the Jeff Johnson review, you see him bobble the ball before his knee goes down - the ball goes from the cradle of his arm to being held between his elbow and hip. That's not control ...

In your opinion.

ARGOS win because of ENGLAND’s 80 yard T.D. , NOEL’s 3 field goals , RICKY’s T.D. run. :thup:

The ARGOS had a kick return T.D. called back. :thup:

talk about sour grapes.

ARGOS WIN. :thup:

hellothere, leave them alone. Once stamps fans get on a roll, they never stop whinning and complaining. The better team won, the controversial call was reviewed, and the call on the field was backed up. Let's not let these facts get in the way of a good bitchfest!!!

Actually , roughyfan proved that the pass was imcomplete!

He posted the rule...sorry :wink: :lol:

Just seems kind of too bad that the game didn't last longer. Allen and Burris seemed to be just getting warmed up in the fourth quarter. On the week-end that Matt Dunigan gets inducted into the hall of fame, would be nice to see a couple quarterbacks have a good old air-war. (Like Flutie and Danny Barrett back in 91) was darn close but the call on the field was right, I do beleive the ball was slightly bobbled during the landing......HT, the Jeff Johnson fumble was legit though, his knee hadn't hit the ground before the ball came loose....looks like the refs got the calls right on for you larry, welcome to the forum newbie (warner? we'll see soon enough), love the leisure suit, how's that about all stamps fans whinin' and complaining again?.......

Fair enough, RedandWhite. The intelligent stamps fans amongst us (you included) have admitted that the better team won, the correct call was made, and have moved on. So, I did not mean to generalize and make it sound like ALL stamps fans are the same. There are those, however (they know who they are), that are STILL crying and moaning about it. I think the concept that is proving elusive to them, is that if you claim you were ripped off every time you lose a close game, your cries go unheard, and your tears go unnoticed. It's like the boy who cried wolf. You simply lose credibility. Every now and again, your team, as much as you love them, are going to lose a close game. It is not always because "they beat themselves", or "the ref was against us", or "injuries", or "field or weather conditions".

It is if he was wearing a red jersey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s one stamps fan who’s “crying” about it. I think it was the wrong call, but don’t mind the loss as it will only make the team stronger.

RedandWhite is correct.......the refs got both calls right. I'm kinda looking forward to the possibility of a rematch of the 1991 Grey Cup....Calgary-Toronto in Winnipeg. Same teams, same city.....hopefully same result. :twisted: But I know there's a few teams out there that might have different opinions.

I agree it was a bad call but isn't it a bit presumtious to assume that if the call was made that the Stamps would have won. There is no guarantee that the Stamps would have scored or that they would have won in overtime. Suffice it to say they would have had a chance to tie the game and likely would have. Overtime is another matter alltogether and I certainly don't have a chrystal ball.

Really one fan right! The question is not just that play it was the fact the whole game there were lots of one sided calls. May I remind you this is not the first time the refs have called games one sided. But your statment one fan does not like the call is wrong. The Stampeder organization believe exactly the same thing I do and the can break down video better then anyone.

Sunday, October 1, 2006 - 09:03PM

Saturday night the Calgary Stampeders lost 16-23 to the Toronto Argonauts in an error filled game at Rogers Centre.

The final minute of the game brought with it a controversial call on Ron Johnson’s “catch? at the Argos' five (5) yard line.

“Although we believe Johnson had complete possession of the ball within the air, and long after contact with the ground, we are comfortable the proper procedures were followed by the officiating crew, with respect to review of the play in question. We abide by the call and have no plans for any official appeal,? said Team President and Owner Ted Hellard. “Our sole focus right now is our upcoming game against our Division lead the BC Lions.?

The call raised a great deal of response on network, CFL and various fan internet comment boards. Most of the comments featured concerns about the crews’ interpretation of the call and how it impacted the image of the CFL as a league.

When asked for a comment on this issue Hellard stated, “We have reviewed the film and stand by our position that Johnson’s catch was good. The League has given us confirmation they will provide us a complete explanation of the call, broken down frame by frame.

There has been some indication the replay may have been viewed at full speed only which may have made it difficult to clearly see Ron’s possession of the ball. Having said this we have moved past the Toronto game and look forward to the challenge next week.?

Requesting his thoughts on instant replay, Hellard responded positively, “Clearly instant replay has been a major success in our league and we support it completely. At this point we have not made a decision whether we will post the actual replay on our site as part of our fan highlight viewing package.?

So with no appeal to be made, the Stamps direct their focus to Vancouver in hopes of a victory to keep the goal of Division Championship Title alive