Argos stadium?

There is the possibility that the plug will get pulled on the Brampton soccer stadium for the Pan Am Games. There's some discussion about a new multi-purpose stadium on the Lakeview Lands in Mississauga. It would get the Argos out of Rogers Centre and potentially give them their own stadium. If C&S had any brains they would be all over this.

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It'd be nice if this project got off the ground, but I still say the Argos and Ticats will share a stadium in between Toronto and Hamilton.

But come on.
This league has more stadiums on the drawing board then a dog has fleas. Pictures and articles are nice, but when is somebody gonna put a shovel in the ground and build the bloody thing?

It looks like the stadium design would suit the Blue Jays better than the Argos. :roll:

I don't see that happening at all. Even having a stadium on the outskirts of Hamilton, just outside the boundary of the urbanized area but still within city limits, seems to be an unpopular idea amongst most TiCat fans. I can imagine putting their stadium completely outside of the city wouldn't fly with many fans.

If both teams do end up playing from the same stadium, located somewhere in between the two cities, there is the possibility that the teams could attract new fans from the area around the new locale. But attendances are weak as it is, and my guess is that it would take too long for the number of new fans gained to make up for the number of current fans who can no longer make the games because the new location is not as accessible (This is more true for Hamilton than it is for Toronto, I think, because there are not as many public/mass transit links from Hamilton). How many from Oakville, Burlington, or Mississauga do you think are itching to support a team named after Hamilton when even the allure of Toronto isn't enough to get them to support the Argonauts.

Not to mention the fact that things haven't exactly been going great in Hamilton as it is. Moving the team outside of the city wouldn't do much for the morale of the city. This, of course, is a Hamilton issue, not a CFL issue, but I still think it's an important consideration.

I know that the New York Jets and the New York Giants are both going to be playing out of the same stadium, but something tells me that those two teams are in a situation very different from that of the Cats and the Argos. The CFL just doesn't have that much strength outside of their host cities in Southern Ontario. I hope (perhaps naively) that some day the league will be strong throughout the whole region, but it's too much of a gamble, in my opinion, to try to strengthen the league by moving both teams to somewhere outside of their current cities.

I don't know about that Picat.
While I will agree that football of any kind is not huge in southern Ontario, as compared to say hockey, there are strong pockets.
My hometown of London would be a huge CFL city.
Unfortuanately we have a mayor who wouldn't know a football from a hockey puck.
Too bad nobody cares enough to vote in this city, or she would have been booted out years ago!
But that is another topic for another website.

Noticed this on the TFC forum talking about this in reference to it being a baseball stadium:

boban you are right about wanting to influence.. one of the main members on the lakeview board is the head honcho for the port credit baseball/softball association

i agree. london loves the knights and the mustangs. i think a CFL team would do well here.

It would be great for London to have a team but 3 teams in s. Ontario seems a bit much.

I don't think so Earl
I don't think many people from London travel to Hamilton to watch Ticat games.
If we got a team it would have little impact on Toronto or Hamilton attendance.
In fact it would create great rivalries between the cities.
Too bad the people running this town are small town thinkers.
Because a CFL team would do wonders for this city.
And considering the Knights have sold 7500 season tickets with a 1000 person waiting list,
I guarantee a CFL team in London would have no trouble selling 20,000 plus season tickets.

I don 't get the feeling that a stadium shared between Toronto and Hamilton (located in Burlington for example) would fly with people in Hamilton. They are pretty excited about having a stadium on the waterfront.

I do think there is huge merit in Hamilton sharing their stadium with another team from southern Ontario. If getting money for stadiums is the only thing holding thr guys with money back from investing in a CFL team, why not base a team in London, as some have suggested, or Kitchener-Waterloo and simply play their games in the Hammer?

I would think doubling the number of dates is the stadium would be of huge interest to the governments funding the construction and it solves the stadium issue for those potential new teams.

a london team, or kitchener team playing thier home games in hamilton is tied for the worst idea i've heard in 2010 so far.

( the other is the original post in this thread )

They could be called the Southern Ontario Tiger-Cats then. :wink:

All I know is why can't anybody in this country build any kind of a stadium to get a franchise off the ground?
Doesn't have to be a Taj Mahal. That can come later once the team is secured.
But come on.
Sports help unite a country. If I ran the government, I'd give money to cities for sports stadia. Because what better way to unite Canada then to have CFL teams from coast to coast and in every province?

I guess you guys in London berezin had a chance of building a real stadium that possibly could have involved a new CFL franchise.
Instead you built that bleacher like high school calamity at TD Waterhouse.

You got that right Argotom.
Its a junk pile of metal and astroturf.
Whats more irritating is the city spent millions to fix up Labatts Park for a AA minor league baseball team.
And the team didn't last two years.
And the same mayor who was around for that is still in charge beleive it or not.

TD Waterhouse works fine though, I've been to a couple games and enjoyed it. It's not nearly of CFL standard I agree, but the setting near the Thams on the campus is beautiful. To my knowledge there is no one interested in investing in a CFL team in London so it's all a moot point whether London could support a team. Labatt Park is beautiful though and yes, they spent some dough for it to be AA standard but that didn't work just like baseball doesn't work in too many Canadian cities as a big spectator sport.

thats because there hasn't been an election since ive moved to
i dont care whos running against her, they have my vote..haha

You'll soon get your wish, d_g. Ontarians are scheduled to head to the polls to elect their new municipal governments this fall (late October here in Toronto, don't know if its the same elsewhere in the province).

It'll be October for London, as well. And I can't believe I actually agree with Berezin that Deccico-Best is useless... her and her wiseguy husband. Suddenly the world makes a little less sense. :lol:

I would love to see a CFL team playing out of Labatts Park.
The London Lords used to play to big crowds there back in the 70's.
I was there last summer for a game, and you could easily configure it for a CFL sized field.
Also there's plenty of room to add seating for up to 30,000.
It'd be a beautful site for a team with the downtown landscape and by the Thames river.
Only problem might be parking, but for 10 games a year it would be managable.
All we need is somebody with some dough to get this thing off the ground.
Hows about Labatts??