argos speak out against violence

right now on CP24 ( tv ) the argos and pinball are speaking out against violence in toronto...pinball is an amazing public speaker, wow!

im sure there will be articles in the papers tomorrow.


Pinball should get Robert Baker in on that too. :lol:

thanks , drumming god!

your welcome

Pinball is one heck of a person, no question. The problem is that there are a lot of people who don't give him respect because of his height and he didn't make it big in the NFL, there are so many boneheads who have trouble tying their shoes who think they are better football players than CFL guys because they are bigger. If the player was a star in the NFL, these boneheads would say they respect them because they made it in the NFL. I have a guy like this on my softball team and this guy is as thick as they come who thinks that he could play in the CFL, what a fuc*in moron.

Seeing as David Miller isn't doing anything about it...maybe the Argos can. They ARE on a role after all...

What is Miller supposed to do............?

He's the goddamned MAYOR! Why, he should be putiing on a cape and flying around town, what else? Sheesh... :roll:

Maybe Robert Baker is the instigator? :wink:

Actually, we have been having a problem with some gang violence lately and I can't think of any people better to try.

This is a great idea.