Argos Sold to Braley

From todays Globe& Mail:

The Toronto Argonauts will introduce new head coach Jim Barker tomorrow, and may soon after announce an official change of ownership to David Braley from Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon.
The franchise ownership transfer has been agreed upon, but the preparation of documents was not complete in time for the CFL board of governors to vote on the proposed sale yesterday. The vote, which is expected to be a formality, could take place as early as today.
Cynamon and Sokolowski had been negotiating with Braley for the past two weeks, after the duo’s attempts to land a new partner fell through.
Barker was a runner-up two weeks ago to Joe Mack for the job as general manager of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
It is believed it was Braley, not Cynamon and Sokolowski, who approved the hiring of Barker. Braley, who also owns the B.C. Lions, will soon control one quarter of the CFL’s franchises.
With Barker hired, the other pieces of the Argos football puzzle are expected to fall into line quickly.
Speculation is general manager Adam Rita, who has a year remaining on his contract, will remain in the front office. However, it is believed the contracts of director of scouting Miles Gorrell and player personnel director Greg Mohns will not be renewed.

So i guess its "welcome to the David Braley Football League" now.

Works for me and lets take it one step further, all players have to sign a contract with the David Braley Football League rather than individual teams, like the MLS. :wink:

Meh, been dreading this a bit to be honest. Let's see how this workouts. I hope this is a short term solution, because this won't work long term. No disrespect to Mr Braley, a man CFL fans should truly admire.

I love how the media keeps harping on this point, who cares last time I check 25% isn't close to a majority. If I was the globe I would be more concern about the Bloc Quebecios holding 7% of the house.

Eh .. it isn't so bad. There was a time one person owned 6 (that's six) MLS teams or 60% of the whole league. And it worked out just fine. Now he owns only one team and 50% of another. Work on getting a proper facility to play on, improve the on-field product, market the team a little better, get a better TV deal as soon as this contract is up (francise value should go up by then), and then sell the team to an interested owner, possibly for a profit even. It will be alright.

I don't have a problem with it. He could be just what this team needs.

I don't have a problem really. He has to be fairly hands off which I don't know if he is. It would be interesting if they wound up playing each other for the Grey Cup while he still owned both. Still he's always been good for the CFL and Toronto can
only benefit (hopefully).
Not sure why he's keeping Rita though.

It's official, it's done. I think it'll be great for the Argo franchise, better Braley than someone who doesn't know the league. At least for the short term. But he could end up being a long term owner of the Argos, who knows.

If anybody has the ability to improve the situation regarding the stadium the team currently plays in, its Braley.

I don't know why there would be anything to dread about this transaction other than that it may be perceived in some places as a conflict of interest. Given Braley's record, and his dedication to the CFL, I think that conflict of interest is only a perceived problem and not a real one. Without Braley, there might not be a CFL today; he can be credited with saving Hamilton, BC and now Toronto.

Wait a minute. Braley didn't save the argos...he bought them. The reason that none of the other people they were talking to worked out is because they wanted too much for the argos. They were never in trouble (this time around anyway). If they didn't get them sold C and S said they were committed owners and would continue to run the team.

I know it's a little thing, but this is the sort of thing that the media jumps all over and makes ridiculous claims like "how the argos nearly went bankrupt in 2010". The league was in trouble etc. None of that is true. They sold the team...Braley is a great owner.

Now the Braley owns the Argos, he should put the Lions up for sale. To me, owning two teams is a conflict of interest. If a trade happens between the two teams, it might give the impression he is taking the best talent from one team to stack the other. Surely there must be soemone in BC or Vancouver who might take the team over now that it is one of model businesses there.

i think we're more likely to see braley fix the Argos and sell the lions, than fixing and selling the Argos.

his company and his life are based out of hamilton. his only connections to BC is the lions, but he's connected to Ontario with or without the Lions.

i'd like to see him fix the Argos and keep both teams. as long as Braley owns the teams, they will always be in great shape!

Norris family owned the Red Wings and Black Hawks at once, so it is no biggie.

Being new to the CFL but familiar with the organisational success in BC, why bet against Braley's track record at this point?

I've only started to learn about the organisational complaints and sordid recent history of the Argos despite of course the intense rivalry, being diplomatic, most fans of other teams have with that team, their fans, and that city. Really how bad could things get more than they are now for the organisation on and off the field?

Maybe someone can fill in from a historical perspective for any particular organisation with financial issues before the well-known issues of the 1990s?

Anything specific or unique about Toronto that makes this that much more of a challenge than it is already?'re kidding, right?'re kidding, right?
Being American in case you did not notice already, and a fan of the CFL for only just over a year, I am asking those question from a business perspective only. :P

All I know from never visiting Toronto, though having been to many other parts of Ontario, is the impression I have gotten as an American in non-business terms as follows:

Reviews By American Tourists: Highly Positive :thup:

Reading The Globe And Mail Online At Least Weekly: Somewhat Negative :frowning:
(For real I do like it's coverage of the energy industry and some of its business news and of course the CFL)

Reviewing The CBC Election Coverage: Very Negative :thdn:

Meeting Italians From There: Highly Positive (I am Italian too) :smiley:

So maybe focus the discussion from a business perspective for the new ownership to enlighten? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

TSN is saying the sale is official now, and Braley has said Nicholson and Rita will be remaining with the team. Can't say I agree with keeping Rita, but what are you gonna do.

Agreed, Braley should have cleaned house as this rot has to be removed.
A good start with Barker and Nicholson as the President is the other person to remain.