Argos snub Armstrong

According to TSN, the Argos have signed Brad Smith and Chad Rempel to the receiving corps. I guess the meeting with Armstrong didn't go that well. So do the Eskimos make a play at getting him now? It'd certainly take some of the attention away from Kamau Peterson.

I don't know if I'd call it a snub of Armstrong. The three receivers that were injured were all Non-Imports. Smith and Rempel are Non-Imports that can fill in until they get healthy. Armstrong is an Import and would cause some ratio-juggling.

The CFL seems to have an unspoken agreement not too pick up guys who are released due to attitude problems. Armstrong hung his team out to dry because he's selfish, I'd be surprised to see him back. Just my opinion.

If our offence suck again this weekend and has trouble putting up 20 points while getting blown out... it's probably time to shake things up on offence. Furthermore, Stamps hasn't been very unimpressive this season so far with MANY dropped passes, or balls that he does not hang on to as he is contacted. He'd be the first to get demoted or released in terms of receivers if things do not change, IMO.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt , but our O-line is what we should be trying to fix.

Oh, I agree. The O-Line is definitely the more pressing matter, but it wouldn't hurt to beef up our receiving corps, either. I think it's halirious that it was our running game that won the game for us. Whitlock and McCarty rushed for 139 yards and 3 TDs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the first time a team had an issue with Armstrong?

Actually the Esks' offensive line did a heck of a job. Until this game, John Chick and Stevie Baggs had been terrorizing QBs....this game, kudos to that line.

Chick also went out early with a shoulder injury, so it wouldn't be too tough to contain him. They did contain Baggs well enough, though.

True but he wasn't a force before he went out, which is what I meant.