Argos smoked Eskimos

Expect a de ja vu next week as well. Williams and Avery, Miles, and of course Damon....unstoppable. It was a beautiful game.

Grey Cup '06 baby.

I wouldn't say smoked, Als smoked the 'riders, we only beat the Esks by 5.

hmm... so now getting beaten by 5 points is getting "smoked"?

We were on the way to smoking the Schmoes, but once again, the Achillies heel of the Argos’ D: being lax against the run, rears its ugly head again. I’ll admit that I was feeling uneasy when the Schmoes scored those 2 TDs in the 3rd; however, we were fortunate to hang on today. All I can say is that Staubler needs to get the boys’ act together if we’re gonna come out of Commonwealth with a W on Saturday.

Well, smoked as in probably being the significant game in which ends the Skimos record in making the playoffs. 34 strait years? I would then consider they smoke something, to ease the pain…:smiley:

But in all due respect, thats next weeks agenda.

BYE , BYE EDMONTON. No GREY CUP miricle this year.

FINALLY no EDMONTON in the GREY CUP!!!!!!!!! Now lets work on getting rid of MONTREAL!!!!!

Edmonton's not dead yet. It may, in fact, come down to the last game of the season at home against the Riders.

They got smoked...they just didn't get well done. :slight_smile: