Argos Slay The Dragon - It's The End of Montreal

Just got back from Montreal...WOW, what an amazing game! It's great to win at home, but nothing compares to beating the bully's ass in their own house. It's unbelieveable how quiet 50,000+ can suddenly become when they realize their season - - as well as their dominance of the East - - is finished.

The only ones to "fait du bruit" at the end of this game were myself and the other Argo fans who made the trip down.

Really looked like this is the end of Calvillo. The guy's always been terrified of contact, but today was a joke. Instead of standing in the pocket, stepping into his throws and taking the hits like a man - - ie like Ricky Ray - - Calvillo was just bailing.

On both INTs his throws were embarassing...first one pressure was coming up the middle so Calvillo threw off his back foot and was nowhere near the receiver. Second INT, Ricky Foley was coming at him and Calvillo actually twisted around like a turtle and actually had his back to the line of scrimmage as he threw...not even close, easy INT. Just take the hit you puss!

AC = Chicken S.

You wouldn't have the guts to say that to his face. And you'd be wrong anyway. AC is a warrior, and deserves far more respect than that. I'm guessing you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, it's the only excuse for this nonsense.

You are one of those totally classless fans that the rest of us really can't stand, and you embarrass yourself with your silly comments. And I would say that to your face, given the chance.

what an ignorant comment.

talk about being a bad winner.

I would have told Calvillo after the game - - except he scrambled off to hide in the dressing room as fast as he could when the game ended.

Calvillo's a warrior until he gets knocked down a couple times. And then not so much.

What's that? Calvillo can't hear you over all his records and accomplishments. :wink:

Seriously, if you're gonna post stuff like that, at least TRY not to make yourself look like a whiny brat.

Past accomplishments are wonderful but the cold hard reality is the Calvillo era and Montreal's dominance of the East is over. The sooner Montreal and their fans acknowledge that, the sooner they can start rebuilding their castle.

My concern is that once the Als start sliding back to medocrity, their fans will leave the bandwagon as quickly as they left the Big Dump today. David Copperfield has nothing on this one - - 50,000 Montreal fans disappear in an instant!

And once the fans go back into hiding, the Montreal franchise will fold...again.

Wow, this is just an ugly thread. I don't think I've read anything more disgusting and reprehensible from someone whose team just WON.

AC deserves so much more respect than this.

I was going to cheer for the Argos Sunday, but now I'm not so sure....

Never under-estimate Jim Popp's ability to find talent, nor Marc Trestman's ability to develop it.

Please don't take those comments as representative of how other Argo fans feel. Area51 has to justify his continual belittling of Marcus Ball by suggesting that the only reason for his two picks was that one of the greatest QBs in history is now suddenly horrible. And the fact he managed a positive shout-out to Ricky Foley, hmmmm.


Well, give him credit where it is due.

At least he spared us the juvenile nicknames.

Montreal was beaten in the East semi last year, so not like they were unbeatable. You can't win every year and it's good for the league to have different teams in the Grey Cup. At the end of the day they play in a 4 team division, it's not all that hard to grab a playoff spot and put a few good games together and get to the championship.

While people around here don't seem to like bravado, or machismo ... area-51 was absolutely spot on in his description of those interceptions ... while AC's resume speaks for itself, and his accomplishments are undeniable - the man has, obviously, lost some of his warrior mentality ... no shame in that - I mean who can blame a 40 year old man for not wanting to take bone jarring punishment any longer ... Will anyone be surprised if this is AC's last season ?

Having said all that - if Bratton makes that TD catch - area-51 could have been singing another tune, all together.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is AC's last season as the bona fide starter in Montreal and yes, different tune if Bratton makes that catch. It was a close game and usually in close games you see AC running with the ball sometimes for a crucial first down. Didn't see much of that warrior mentality in that game and not sure why, maybe it wasn't there for the picking or maybe the warrior mentality is not there as much, don't know. Or maybe he didn't feel he needed to do this, again, don't know.

I think this was about the same time they showed your ulgy mug on that 30 year old screen.

Glad you had a great time, we sure did. Made the drive home quite nice.

So are people upset because he was mean, or because he dared to say that AC hasn't been at his best this year? Because I said something similar about a month ago and got attacked for it too.

He's still a really good QB, but he was not at his best this year at all. Some people seem to think it's taboo to say that because it's AC.

That's not the problem, Tridus. Saying AC is past his prime, hasn't been at his best, wasn't good yesterday, all that is fair comment.

This is the problem:

Talk about a poor winner. Fortunately the troglodyte who started this thread isn't representative of all Argo fans. I'll still cheer for Toronto in the Grey Cup game, because it is impossible to dislike Milanovich, Ray, or Owens and there are so many ex-Als (players or coaches) in Toronto.

.....End of the ALS.....Don't think so...I'll give credit to the Argos beating a good team BUT dumping on AC is just dumb...The guy is still a talented and very smart qb.....Sure he's getting older but he proved all year that he can get the job done.....The panel said he was chuckin and duckin...WELLLLLL maybe that;s a sign of an experienced qb. who has longevity at the position....IF Buck Pierce would have played half as smart he wouldn't be sitting on the injury list as often as he has and presently having his starter role challenged...Maybe AC is slowing down but I think he will be around for awhile yet...The only knock I have with him is that he tends to get a little too emotional...I didn't like the way he headed to the locker room immediately after the game and didn't shake hands with the opponent..... :roll: Otherwise you can't totally fault him for the loss....and it's certainly not the end of Mont. :wink:

Toronto may be a good team, but they have the worst fans in the CFL, in terms of both support and class.

I don't think anyone would say that Calvillo played well. As Jack said, it's perfectly legitimate to question his performance and his future after the poor showing he had yesterday. But the gloating, the insults, and the childish spite of the original poster? Pretty sad IMO. There's a difference between offering a fair comment on an issue (as you and most everyone in this thread has done) and acting like a jacka$$.