Argos sinking millions into BMO config + dressing rooms

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Configuring @BMOField for #CFL costing $20M w/ #Argos picking up half of that - @NeilMDavidson #CFL

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#Argos picking up full cost of the 10,000 square-foot dressing room being built under the east stand. - @NeilMDavidson #CFL[/b]

and other related news...

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New-look @BMOField should be able to accommodate 35,000 to 38,000 for the Grey Cup and Winter Classic. - @NeilMDavidson #CFL #Argos

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Capacity will be just under 27,000 for the Argonauts, whose regular-season home opener is June 23. - @NeilMDavidson #CFL #Argos[/b]

NICE very good long term investment!!!!!!!!!!!


The full story is here, well worth the read!

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Thanks Grover for that link.

Here is a good read concerning the natural grass turf

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Groundskeeper confident Toronto FC, Argos can share BMO Field

"A new turf field — the third to grace BMO Field since artificial turf was removed in 2010 — is set to be installed this week, weather permitting. It has a much thicker base and should settle in much quicker and tighter.
It comes in rolls 60 feet by four feet (18 by 1.2 metres) and is laid on 12 inches (30 centimetres) of sand, which covers the heating and aeration system underneath."

"The grass will be kept a little higher for CFL games than MLS contests, if timing permits. That grass cut will help remove vestiges of the paint and Heggie says football players like a little more cushion in the grass.
Heggie also has some cosmetic cheats up his sleeve, like a green pigment and green sand that groundskeepers commonly use to touch up the colour as needed.
As part of the ongoing renovations to the stadium, two positions for the football goalposts have been installed. While just a yard or so apart, it means the football lines won't be laid down the same place every game."

Interesting with that last sentence. Maybe Toronto's setup will be a gold standard or benchmark for other cities with a football stadium used for both types of football.

Shows a long term commitment by Tannen-Bell.

From the outhouse to the penthouse in one year it's long overdo.

Can 't wait to see what they come up with for a dressing room i.e. what it will look like/what features it will have.

No matter what, it will be nice to see the Argos finally have a place that they can truly call their own

The Argos had their own dressing room at Rogers Centre:

Classy. Love the church chairs. I think that's what's sometimes called "cheek by jowl."

It seems those chairs are pretty popular in football locker rooms these days. Have seen them in many new NFL stadiums' locker rooms.