Argos sign six, including Odell Willis and Fabion Foote

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American DL Odell Willis, American WR Kendall Wright and re-signed American LB Jordan Moore and Canadian DL Fabion Foote. The team also added American WR Geremy Davis and American DL Dewayne Hendrix.

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Cripes! They are signing everybody
They gotta be $10M over the Cap! :flushed:
At their rate of signings,
They will soon have more players than fans in the stands! :rofl:

well no one is paid anything until the games start unless they have a signing bonus.. these salaries mean nothing now.

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Boy I miss CFL football. I hope I can be part of a reduced crowd to attend cfl games. Looks like Pinball is serious. Great veteran signings!