Argos sign Ryan Glasper and Jermaine Mayes

Two cast-offs have resurfaced with the Double Blue.

Hope they can swim.


Who cares?

I thought Matthews was going to bring in new players who would make the Argos better? Who is he going to sign next? Marko Cavka?

I thought so too.....

Had to be Rita's doing, not Matthews. I doubt if Matthews wouldn't know these guys if he bumped into them on the street. I can't understand these 2 signings though.

An Argo-Cat fan

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Glasper wasn't too bad. He was our starting safety this year for what - 10 games? He goes from decent starter to being cut .. I figured he would've been picked up by someone considering he is only 23.

Not quick enough to play safety. Should have left him at outside linebacker. He was just a place filler for Barker anyways.

WHoopy de doo!

I think Glasper got caught as he is a 'tweener in the CFL too. Not fast enough for a DB, not big/strong enough for a LB. Since he is not likely to get faster, he probably should work out and bulk up, looking for a job as a MLB or rush DE.

Ryan is good kid The Cats gave on him too soon IMO.
He dose not Frame to put that much Weight to be a Rush end.
He maybe able to put on some to be Very Small OLB