Argos Sign Romby Bryant

Haven't decided how I feel about this one yet. He's getting up there in age.

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Jim Barker is keen on most transactions; signing Bryant is good for the most part.

how is this not a good move? He is 33, and still has a few good years in him. So long as they didn't open up the pocket books too much, this is a good pick up.

Always liked the guy from what I see on the field but yes, it's about what the money and if it fits in.

Glad they picked up somebody. Argos need receivers.

Not so sure. This is second time they've picked up a reject from Calgary, Ken-Yon Rambo didn't work out too well, we'll see about Bryant.

Yeah but Ken-Yon never regained his form after missing that one season due to his knee injury. Romby can be a game changer. Good move by the Argo's.