Argos sign Ricky Collins Jr., Dexter McCoil Sr., one other

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American LB/DB Dexter McCoil Sr., American WR Ricky Collins Jr. and American DL Eli Howard, the team announced on Monday.

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Holy s...!!! Cgy east is taking the east. Nice signings


Ti cats have a very hard campaign if they wanna play at home in GC. Eat em raw cgy east eat em raw. Lol. Ti cats fans should be there pants now. Ti cats had there chance in 2019 and what did they do with it? They didnt show up to play in 2019 GC there HC was just standing there saying nothing watching his team get run over


Makes one wonder just where exactly are the Boat Anchors getting all this cash from to sign all these high profile players ? Can you say "just a tad over the cap" :thinking:

I have an idea where ...

Bring your over rated, over priced players, rookie head coach and unproven QB To THF for the East Final, well see.....................

LOL . Trust me Those Anchors won't be anywhere near the East Final . :rofl:

They'll be too busy bailing water . :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Never seen anybody so excited to see so many "great" players leave. So, what's your take if the Argos win the East & beat the Stamps for the Cup? Like ex-Stamp Burris did a few years back? Personally I don't have any split loyalties. I have one team, full stop. There is no Calgary East in my mind. Hughes has said he wants to "destroy" the Riders. Pretty sure the ex-Stamps want to beat the Stamps. When they're gone, they're gone. No offence. That's me.

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Awwwwww cry cry baby. Did i hurt your feelings. Okay im sorry lol see u at east final

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Awwwww did i hurt your feelings when i said your HC was useless in 2019 GC.okay well im sorry. See ya later lol

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Ti cats only came here to hate hahahaha there gonna cry again like 2019.

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Altough this is a good addition I still think that Hamilton will finish first in the East and it will be a battle for the second place between the Argonauts and the Alouettes. I however think that we will not have a crossover.

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Cripes, Murphy and Clemons aren't messing around. Still a big question mark at QB though but we've yet to see what Arbuckle can really do...

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Not a TiCat fan, Mike. Guess again. Seems to me Kackert & the 9-9 Argos ran over the team in Red not long ago. Not to be outdone in 2016 & 2017 the mighty Stamps made it a threepeat losing to 2 more teams @.500 or worse. When it comes to losing the big game to massive underdogs, no one does it better. No offence intended. Just stating the record.

Totally agree.

Awwwww im sorry (pat on the back) its okay

Yup yup capped it off with a GC win in Edmonton tho. Yawn is that the best u got

With all of the Vets that the Double Blue has signed I would assume that either those vet players are either taking a pay cut or some of them will be cut during camp

Nah no hurt feelings, I just feel bad for you. I mean after all your Argos are 5th choice behind, The Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays, Marlies and The Rock who coincidentally will be playing out of Hamilton. Your players should be grateful to get to play in front of fans in a full stadium when they come to Hamilton. Although they lose every time. But hey it beats playing in front of empty seats at BMO

Actually ironically your Stamps almost made it a fourpeat in 2014 when the only thing that saved them against the .500 Cats was a questionable call with seconds to go on the clock .

A very good pick up. In Pinball We Trust.