Argos sign Reggie McNeal

The Argos have finally announced they have resigned Reggie McNeal to probably compete for the third string QB job with Cody Pickett. Where does this leave Rocky Butler?
Winnipeg would seem to be the only team in need of a 3rd string QB. But would he agree to that? I can see him being released and having to wait for an injury opening.
Just seeing McNeal on the sidelines last year he looks a little light to be much of a running QB even though he is suppose to have 4.3+ speed. Looked too fragile to me. But he is suppose to have a good arm and if he sticks to it may be ready to be The Guy in a couple of years. But Kerry Joseph and Michael Bishop may still be around then.

The question I have Double Blue is, does Rocky Butler want to remain in Toronto as the #3 guy? Last year in Hamilton he was offered the same position after preseason, but requested his release.

I would love to see the "Rock" remain in Double Blue.

If Rocky Butler doesn't want to be a 3rd string then where could he go? Seems to me that every team in the CFL has 2 decent QBs. Currently the only 2 teams I can think of who are weak at the QB position are the Green Riders and the Als. Butler could easily be 2nd string on these teams.

He was 4th on Depth Chart not 3rd In Hamilton.
Behind Maas Chang and Williams at the Time.

He was asked to say on but ask to be released instead

Can't see him in Montreal. Brady looked very good in relief of AC last year, and the Als have added Joshua Harris (who I think has quite a future in the CFL). As for Saskatchewan, can't see them bringing him back. This just might be the end of the road for Rocky, which would be a bit of a shame, I was one of those who always thought he had potential.....

Thanks Onknight, I stand corrected.

You know Madjack, the thing I have always noticed about Brady is he always looks good in relief, in the playoffs. He almost beat the Al's in 03 in relief of an injured Damon Allen but never really progressed after that.

Somehow, i think Rocky Butler will find his way on a CFL roster if not with Toronto, with someone else.