Argos sign RB Cory Boyd

Looks like Boyd may get a shot if they can't bring Robertson back.

I remember watching an SEC game a few years ago and he was freakin amazing, he plays with a lot of heart, tough and cuts great. I think he'll be productive very quickly. Good pick up. I am starting to like some of the moves the Argos are doing.

Hopefully he can become that big stud back they need. The day of the big Fullback and small Halfback seem to be a thing of the past. Now they look for a big fast RB who can block, run and pass receive. Boyd is listed at 6'01 218 so he seems to qualify, but he will have to prove himself.

I think he can block and receive well, not sure how he'll stack up against CFL LB's. He was great for South Carolina, going up against the Vols, Gators, Bulldogs, top-college defensives. I am just not sure if his speed is going to be effective in the CFL.

Time will tell, but I like this pick-up.

Good to see he's found a home. Know who my CFL team is now.

I'm a Gamecock fan, so I watched this guys whole career, he's a great pick up for you. Hard runner, never gives up, great wortk ethic, just an all-around good guy. I was dissapointed when he didn't make it with the Broncos, but glad to see him on a team, at least. So best of luck Corey, I'm going to have to find a way to watch some Toronto games this year.

We can always use more Argo fans, come on up to TO if you want to see him live again.

But if you head on down the QEW towards a city called Hamilton you'll see a real football team that will kill the Argos every game this year, it'll be more fun than going to a game in Toronto. :cowboy:

The bold part is true!! If you have low expectations then the Ti-cats are your team, were 9-9 is considered a great season. :lol:

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this is a good pick up, he definately has potential... lets see if he can make an immediate mpact

Glad to have him...tough little guy to bring down.

Cory Boyd turned out to be everything hoped for and more. Hope they can sign him to a long term contract now.


Right on ...more feedback in this other Cory Boyd thread in this same Argos' forum with the previous post in it not since August.

Wow did Boyd turn out to exceed many and most expectations as did the Argos this season.

I guess Boyd signed a two year contract with the Argos so he is under contract for next year, but Jim Barker has said he would like to extend Cory. I guess one way to reward him would to either rip up his present contract and give him a new two or three year one for the going rate.
Or maybe extend him past next year with a couple of sizeable signing bonuses for this year and next.
Best Argo running back (with apologies to Pinball) in many a year and has been a long time coming.

I thought at times this year the Argos would have been better off going with two tight ends with Boyd and Wright in the backfield taking direct snaps and just run the ball. Maybe throw in a couple of tosses to Reggie McNeal for a pass.
I guess they call that the wildcat. :slight_smile:

Cory Boyd has been GREAT for the Argos in his first year, we needed a player like him. I really hope they can get him signed to a longer contract as I feel he is the type of player that not only can help build the franchise on the field but also off the field as well.

I'm also very high on Duane Wright, I hope he is back next year. From what I have seen of his running this season he is similiar to Boyd.