Argos sign QB Lemon

Let's hope he doesn't live up to his name... OK, so that was corny. :lol:

Sure it was but somebody just had to say it first. . .

if he was 2 years younger i would say good pickup... but hes 30 now.. a lifetime nfl backup... itl be at least a season IMO before he picks up the cfl game, not to mention if he gets any reps and actually develope in game situations. cleo may bring in a little tc competition but at his age i dont see him becoming anything more than a third stringer just for the added pro ball experience

An improvement over what they had for the past couple of offence to Brannigan.

Argoland keeps getting more intriguing I must say, Brannigan is in very, very tough but it'll be a learning experience for him and could serve him well competing agains't guys with NFL experience. He has some advantage coming from 3 down, 12 man Canadian football.

I like the fact the Argos signing QBs. Make no mistake though. This will be a rebuilding year for the boatmen. I'm guessing they will win 4-6 games this year. I hope they make the playoffs, but I just can't see that happening. Argos will make the playoffs in 2011!!!

Good thing is that of all the QBs signed so far (and I expect there'll be one or two more to come), Barker hasn't even hinted at any one of them being pencilled in as the starter. And that is as it should be; give them each roughly equal reps in training camp and the exhibition games, and may the best man win the job.

its definately the best way to go. right now i give the big advantage to bell

Frankly, I'm completely shocked by what Barker has done so far in TO with the QB's.

I give this a 1 in 100 chance of working out for him.

I'm not shocked at all. Major rebuild is necessary after 4-14 and 3-15 seasons.

I think everyone knew KJ's time in Toronto was done, and that Pickett isn't CFL starter material.

So it's no suprise to me that he's going in a completely different direction. . . the only thing odd to me was releasing all 3 of last year's QBs before he'd even signed one new one.

Someone else mentioned that he's a bit old, he may provide some competition and may have the most current skill of the crop but he's never played 3 down ball and it's going to take him some time to learn and adjust. Either way, they're bringing a ton of guys into camp to compete.

the only thing odd to me was releasing all 3 of last year’s QBs before he’d even signed one new one.

Yup, that was odd for sure and the media was all over it. But that’s history now as they say.

I am with you Pig, I can't believe the direction he has taken.
Man the last two years have been horrible and as a season ticket holder, a good number of season ticket holders around me
have bailed and I am not looking forward to seeing who won't be around this year.

Great fans, bailing on even giving this new direction a chance. Losers.

Not bailing Earl, but I can tell you from personal experience and especially the last two years at the dome how it was extremely bleak.
Many people around me didn't return after the 08 fiasco and I shudder to thing how many more will not be around after 09?
Some of us are not happy with the current direction that coach Barker is taking in the most critical position on the team and if it doesn't work, then what?
At best, a period of adjustment will be required for the new guys who themselves have done very little if anything to warrant great expectations!

I don't get the fickle mentality in Toronto. You guys just went 7-29. What are people expecting? Barker isn't going to put together an All-Star team to win the Grey Cup. I'd think people would be happy that at least the organization is properly rebuilding.

Take the Oilers as an example. They've sucked since the 06 miracle run. Now the team is trading top talent away, there were rumours that they'd try to buy out other guys. They're stocking up on draft picks. As an Oilers fan, am I depressed? Hell no! I'm glad this team is finally rebuilding. And as long as I can see progress (obviously I don't expect to see them in the playoffs over the next couple seasons), then I'll be happy. One thing I like is Edmonton is stocking up on draft picks, and that's how you rebuild. Teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) did it, and those teams are turning things around. And if you look, the Argos have a ton of draft picks this year.

I think this is a time to be optimistic. :thup:

I have to agree, and the standard is pretty low for them to have successful season. I predict that the Argos will be a MUCH improved team this year. Maybe not a winning record, but far better nevertheless. I bet they split with Hamilton, beat up the Bombers for three wins, and possibly even steal a close one at home over the Als. If they can do that they will double their wins over last year, and that would be a successful season.

As an ARGO fan, I am happy with the way Barker has approached this off-season. He wasn’t hired until after Feb. 9. Which was not long ago. The Argos were able to keep all of the draft picks and add some extra talent. They have made a lot of off-season moves. Which is what a 3-15 team should do. I don’t think they’ll win the EAST, but they should compete for a playoff spot.

Way back in 99 when Barker coached the Argos as a rookie, somehow he managed a 9 win season by splitting qb duties with Jay Barker & Jimmy Kemp. He had a good defense & special teams that season while the offense was inconsistant.

I would not be surprised if a similar season occurred in 2010.

So, don’t be so quick to SOUR on Lemon…I think this signing is refreshing.

I just think he is taking a pretty big gamble at the QB position. The draft picks and Copeland signing are good moves.