Argos sign new WR talent

poor guy must feel like the ball in a pinball machine!

Good on him for hanging in there, not sure what his background is but if he is someone who might be flippin burgers for a living, I'd be trying to hang on here as well.

Good move considering the pool out there in mid-season though too late; furthermore, the Argos have squandered woefully plenty of time they had to find another import SB to push both Copeland and Rideau whom they should retain otherwise.

The Argos need seriously to jettison an import somewhere else on the time to make room for this import at a receiving position.

When there are not solid roster changes, there is no chance of improvement for such a sorry team.

Coaching changes loom next for sure, and that "Longest Yard" program was a grand waste from day one though somehow I still get a lot of argument on that.

I hope another team is part of that program next year and of course they don't try to overdramatise things like they did with stupid "Hard Knocks" down here last year with those scumbag NY Jets.

This guy is a lazy gutless player. I wouldn't expect much from him..

this isn't much of a signing...

I don't consider any improvement on the Argos.

He might be an impact player if he would actually work and fight for a ball on occasion.

I didn't like him with the Riders because he was always giving up on plays, even before the ball got there. I'm guessing that Montreal saw more of the same and cut him. I saw nothing different in Edmonton, either. In fact, I thought he had a couple of squandered opportunities against the Stamps, just through lack of effort. I don't anticipate better in TO, either.

Its almost like he was hungry during his rookie year, and then after that he just thought "well, I made it, I'm here. No need to work hard anymore".

Hope he pulls it together for his own sake.

A "grand waste" for whom? It's a product meant to entertain fans, not to benefit the team participating in any tangible way. I don't understand why you want the program to be done again next year if you felt it was a waste this year.

Not a lot of imports make it through the league this fast this early in a career. I know ham did, and now bruce is on his fourth team, but it took them a few more years to get through the league. Im suprised he hast given up and tried the UFL or the ARENA.

did the esks just cut him? or did the argos trade for him?

i always felt that rodriguez had potential to be a star, but is either under-utilized or just lazy.

We released him. Henry, Bowman, and Stamps are all back, so it was only a matter of time.

The sad thing is Toronto can't do any worse.

They could do the show for another team let alone do it better, for the scene behind the scenes in Toronto is obviously lame too.

If you enjoy it, enjoy it whilst it lasts for apparently one more show but it sucks more than ever well after the first weekend when apparently it had so many fans on this forum.

Good signing, nothing to loose, P R has what it takes to play in CFL , just needs the right fit.

Shouldn't they be signing a QB??

Who? And who is he going to throw to? Not a lot of CFL level QBs who can elevate the worst receiving corps in the CFL floating around without work right now.

did the argos release someone to make room?

he actually had a dream that he would play in Toronto?? oh wow.

well, I got news for you. if you want to STAY with these Argonauts then you better give 100% every game and no wimping out or taking plays off because you "just didn't feel like it"

you continue to do that like you did everywhere else, your dreams going to have a nightmare ending!!

i don't buy that he doesn't try...i think he just one of those players that looks like he is not trying. he definitely puts the effort in practices. One of the first there and last gone, one of the few, when a Rider, who stuck around time for extra practice during bye week when he was there, so you know he has desire.