The Argos signed their QB, 6' 2" 230 lb, Chris Malleo, out of the Copper Football League. Who knows, this guy could end up being the Argos starter this year?

Here is a FAN radio interview confirming his signing:

[url=] ... malleo.mp3[/url]

And some background from college:

[url=] ... onauts/209[/url]

The next Kurt Warner maybe?

im not familiar with the copper league. any good links?

is that some kind of cop league???

The last link in the opening post of this thread takes you to the copper league website. I'd imagine that'd be as good a link as any.

So Malleo is going from one CFL to another.

The Copper league almost sounds like the type of leagues we have for senior men's hockey - the leagues that guys who played junior play in when they're too old to qualify to play junior hockey but don't make it in the AHL/IHL/ECHL/etc.

I am surprised the CFL does not force them to use the acronym CFLA etc. The use of CFL to me is a trademark infringement.

Just checked the US Trademark database and CFL is a live registered trademark of the Canadian Football League so it does look like an infringement since they are both football. There are a lot of CFL trademarks where the acronym stands for different things that are also registered in the US.

Anymore weak QB signings like this by the Argos and Jarious Jackson will seem like the Second Coming.

That's for sure one in the US outside of perhaps a few dudes in Arizona has ever heard of the "Copper Football League."

And yes it sounds like it is some lame police league deal or something. :?

Apparently it is organised enough to have several teams where one can play in the spring without weather issues. That's a pretty good idea in and of itself and perfect for the drier, warm climates of Arizona or parts of California.

Note that the NFL draft stock at QB (and wide receiver for that matter) is weak for the NFL game this year, so I am not sure if the draft could offer some more options to the CFL before too long with the remaining guys listed who are considered offhand too short for the NFL (6-2 or less, why that's the case is for another post) but, more importantly for the CFL, do have an arm and mobility that are solid enough to develop. :thup:

Again, the beauty of the CFL is that teams are looking for not necessarily the best arm but rather a combination of foot speed, improvisational abilities and yes, some arm strength but it's more overall athletic characteristics than just 6'5" and ability to throw a dart. 3 downs and CFL rules make for this, yes, but more than this at the qb position. And often more a combo type player.

This is something of a non-event signing...

wow...the argos have hit the jackpot with Chris Malleo!!
grey cup forsure :roll:

Great interview. Thats what a real journalist sounds like.

Perhaps...when Edmonton signed Ricky Ray out of the AFL2, I never thought he would embark on the career that he has had.

Is this the best we can do so far?

take a closer look, this guy switched to L.B. for his Collage team. and- from another thread-Argo,s H.C.Barker- "Where are we going?" head coach Jim Barker said to a couple of hundred Double Blue supporters. "There is no backdoor dealing with B.C. (the Lions have a glut of quarterbacks). There's absolutely none of that.

"(Possible trading partners) could jack the price up and want us to give up draft picks, which we don't want to do. And we're not going to take a guy just because he has CFL experience. This is all about trusting a guy to give us the best opportunity to win on July 1."

Here is Malleo's youtube video...he looks pretty darn good and so does the Copper league...looks much like the CFL? The Argos might want to sign up some of their DB's also, who are giving pretty tight coverage.

I think the Argos have a winner here and I'll go out on a limb and say Malleo could be the Argo's starter this season.

he seems promising, I still think Bishop should come back....

Don't you wanna be successful next season? 'Cause you won't be with Bishop throwing the ball. The other teams will be when they're running back INT after INT. But your team won't be.