Argos Sign Marcus Brady

8) The Argos have signed Marcus Brady away from Montreal today.
   Brady was the OC for Montreal this season, replacing the departed Scott Milanovich.

    Brady will be the OC for the Argos, reuniting him with Milanovich in Toronto !!

     Since this is a lateral move, I wonder if this was all done legally ??

      Perhaps Brady was at the end of his contract in Montreal however, thereby making it legal !!

Milanovich is a Snake.

jordan: C'mon. His team won the Grey Cup and now they are building to make sure they do it again next season.
This is precisely what they need to do
Meanwhile back at the Tiger-Cat ranch....the HC is reviewing film to see where we stand. As if we don't already know. :roll:
Winnipeg "stole" our DC. Thank goodness for that. They have done us a favour. The way things were shaping up, Creehan could very well have been back because he had another year left on his contract.
But we now have no DC and No OC...and it appears as if we have no sense of urgency about the situation. By the time we get around to doing anything about it, the good ones who are available will have been re-signed or snapped up by another team. If we promote from within the coaching staff ...we will still have to replace them so we could still be left with little choice unless we act quickly.
We are being outsmarted by the Blue team....again.

I believe Brady's contract was up, so he was free to go where he wanted.

Correct. Montreal offered him a contract to stay. Toronto offered one for him to leave. He chose the Toronto.

Good for him to get to go where he wanted to be. I hope it works out for him. He's worked his way up the coaching ranks rather well. Keep it up and he could become a HC prospect some day.

Milanovich is not a snake for signing a coach who is not under contract. Not sure the Calgary DC signing was on him as opposed to the GM either.

So far in the last year, the Argos have made astute moves in player personnel and coaching.

Agreed. Toronto is stock-piling quality coaches and candidates for HC down the road. Only problem I see is that inside the coaches room, you now have Brady, O'Shea, Steinauer, all looking at each other wondering who is being groomed. Also, fact that Milanovitch is quite young himself. You may see some guys leaving to pursue clearer pastures as far as career progression is concerned.

I didn't say I disagreed with it. I wish Cortez was pulling these sort of things off. Brady was a "free agent" and therefore was free to go anywhere.

I agree. But that's not all bad. The ones not groomed may help other teams down the road, maybe even Hamilton. After all, every one of the ones you mention played here. I wonder how fond their memories are of that experience....

What do we care what Toronto does, as long as it doesn't affect us, who cares!!

Anything that the Argos do that impacts the team, positively OR negatively, will affect Ticats.

Add to that a "lame duck" President, a still unproven Head Coach (with a four year contact for better or worse) and a GM who should retire but is like an uncle who overstays his welcome.

As Calvillo’s reign draws to a close, the Argos look to take over from the Als as the class of the East. The coaching staff rivals that of the Lions and the team won the GC and that speaks for itself.

The Cats’ losing Creehan is addition by subtraction but I don’t feel any sense of urgency with the team. I hope there’s a lot going on behind the scenes because the team that ended the 2012 season was not good enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

Sorry, but one 9-9 season and a run to the Grey Cup isn’t enough for me to put the Argos on the same pedestal as the Als just yet. When Toronto (or any other team for that matter) makes the playoffs every year for almost two decades and is always in the hunt for the Grey Cup, then I’ll give them the same respect the Als have earned. Until then, the Als are still the best run organization in the CFL and still the class of the East Division.

This isn't about what the Alouettes have accomplished in the past - that's history. This is about the future. The Als have shown themselves to be increasingly vulnerable. They've lost playoff games at home the past two years in a row - something that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. Their success hinges upon a 40 year old quarterback who is at or very near the end of a Hall of Fame career with no proven replacement at the ready. The fact that the Als will have a new OC and a new DC for the third time in three years doesn't help their cause nor is it symbolic of "the best run organization in the CFL". Good coaches (Milanovich, Brady for example) choose to be with the organization that offers the best chance for future success.
Given the circumstances, I'll take the Argos prospects over the next few years over the Alouettes.

longtime:...they shoved us out of the playoffs, got a hot new coach and a very good DC and won the Grey Cup.
They have also positioned themselves as either #1 or #2 in the East for 2013 along with Montreal.
That means we have a very long way to go to catch up in terms of competitiveness.
Sorry longtime...but all that "affects us"! :cry:

Teams don't poach coaches from a team that isn't well-run, i.e., that doesn't put those coaches in a position to succeed.

I guess we'll find out won't we as the Alouettes attempt to find OC and DC coaches yet again, not counting any of their other coaches that disappear before next season. Going through three offensive coordinators and three defensive coordinators in just three seasons does not send out warm and fuzzy signals to anyone who the Als may be trying to attract to their coaching staff.
The fact that Marcus Brady contacted the Argos as soon as his contract was up in Montreal is telling. He simply feels his chances of future success are better with the Argos IMO.

Yet we still finished on top of the division last year, and gave the Grey Cup champ Argonauts their toughest match of the playoffs despite crippling injuries to our defensive line and the long-term absence of some key offensive pieces (Whitaker and London). Prospective candidates for our vacant positions are going to be hungry to succeed, and won't give a damn what happened in the past. Trestman runs a quality operation, and he respects his staff. Yes, he is demanding about preparation and commitment, but he balances that demand against coaches' family lives.

The fact that Marcus Brady contacted the Argos as soon as his contract was up in Montreal is telling. He simply feels his chances of future success are better with the Argos IMO.
Marcus Brady wouldn't be where he is today without Marc Trestman and the Alouettes. We took him off the QB scrapheap, made him receivers coach, then QB coach & OC last year. He spent many years with the organization. If he chooses to leave because he thinks he can succeed with the Argonauts, well, that's his decision. But it doesn't mean we're somehow not a quality organization ourselves. Just as players sometimes make errors leaving one team for another, so do coaches. Time will tell whether Brady made the right decision.

Milanovich spent five years here, starting as QB coach and then moving to OC from 2008-2011. There was no personality conflict with Trestman; it was simply time for him to spread his wings (in fact, Scott chose to stay in Montreal the year before when Barker came calling, because he felt the conditions for being HC in Toronto weren't quite right at the time). Milanovich, Brady, even Tim Burke -- all have said they learned a lot from Trestman and have adopted some of his coaching practices in their post-Montreal careers.

I wouldn't characterize as poaching signing a coach whose contract elsewhere has expired and who accepts an offer from a new team.

When Toronto signed their DC from Calgary, now that was poaching, and they were fined for it.

I agree that Montreal is very well run. They have been for years. They have excellent people at the GM and HC positions. I do expect some slippage when AC retires... how could it be otherwise when you lose the all-time passing leader in football? But they'll still be a solid organization.

Toronto is building a stronger organization too, and they've made good changes in a short period of time.I'll always root against them when the Ticats play them of course, but I think it's good for the league to have a sustainable, competitive team in Toronto.

I hope the Ticats will be able to do the same thing. We have a fantastic owner. Below him in the hierarchy I'm not so sure.