Argos sign former South Carolina star Boyd

This guy's resume certainly seems impressive. Apparently he was only the second USC player to have 1,000 rushing and receiver yards in a season. Not bad.

And in a related note, where does that put Robertson? Has he been signed anywhere yet?

Interesting ...on with the QB shootout in Toronto as some of us have stated ...The Chief Lord you threw me off by stating USC in that post as did the article, which almost always down here except in South Carolina means the University of Southern California.

That USC is historically way far and above South Carolina in NCAA victories and its legacy and is THE USC down here unless you happen to be talking to some homer from South Carolina.

No one in the US would be talking about South Carolina, the Gamecocks, at all had not Lou Holtz or Steve Spurrier gone there to coach.

Yeah, that threw me off too. Way off!

:oops: My bad. Total brain lapse there. I guess I saw S and C and just assumed it was USC. :lol: I fixed the title. Even still, the kid's resume looks pretty decent.

No worries Chief. Nice of you to share the link. And it does the kid has some nice tools in the toolbox.

If It sounds that I wish the Argos harm, or that I sound like I am rooting against them, that is simply not the case. Show me a guy coming out of college that does not hold some great record. I think its the norm that most QBs and RBs etc have some records to brag about on the way to the pros, I think the exception to this rule is not the norm?

Show me a QB in the CFL, any of the 3 from each team, and I will be surprised if they do not own many great records from their college days. I think the same goes for RB`s.

it is true, everyone seems to have a record of some sort... Most rushes over 6 yards in a bowl game during the second quarter...

It is generally true for players signed by the CFL teams. There are going to try and sign the best they can. The best have in most cases been an all star or a record breaker in college. Doesn't mean they will still be able to do it at what they call "the next level".
Its the old saying, no matter how tough a person thinks they are, there's always somebody tougher.

All that being said, Boyd looked pretty good against Div I college players.

These are guys who do deserve to make some money after college, just a bit off on the NFL because of size usually but all the talent in the world.
I wouldn't dismiss the Argos at all this year. Depends on the d as well of course. Well, everything.