Argos sign Former Pro Bowl WR

Seems the Argos have come to terms with former NFL WR David Boston. Was a standout at Ohio State and in the NFL with Arizona, but that was before a torn up knee and “personal demons”.

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Yea ... IF he makes the team good luck getting him the ball with 'glorified running back' KJ or 'long but too long ball' Bishop at the helm. I seem to remember a former all-pro RB signing with T.O. in the past. I wonder how that worked out for them? Hmmmm....


He was a stud for a couple years in the NFL...then got big. Like 260-big, and then injuries set in.

I wonder what weight he'll come into camp at. If he's 225 or under,if his head's in it, he could be a real nice addition.

Ah what a surprise Kel. It did not take you long before you started on KJ.

Ah yes another reclamation and soon to be failure project for my Argos......
With the list if memory serves me.......
etc., etc.
Can anyone add more names, please.

Linebacker and fellow Pro Bowler Lee Woodall

Well done Mark! That was as solid as it gets folks.


Don't forget Andre Rison and Rashuan Woods!

  • paul

So was Raghib Ismael what you call being "proactive"?

hey how about robert the td maker baker?
i know that the role of the ass't gm is to uncover "diamonds in the rough" and possible reclamation projects to present to the gm,
but i'm pretty sure he should be concentrating more of his time on the diamonds in the rough as opposed to the easy find "guys off the street".every team has a list of guys who are unemployed that they might be interested in, it seems to me though that the guy in question here-greg mohns-
doesn't want to look for these diamonds in the rough and go for the easy,risky signing a la williams,rison,boston,he's notorious for this.
if anyone wants to lay blame on someone for all these castaways coming to canada for a year or two and then bolting, you can start with "alf" greg mohns.
c'mon mohnsy, do your part and bring fresh talent up here instead of these guys off the street.

city legend

Yes how can I forget the Bad Moon Rison.