Argos Sign Former NFL QB Lemon

They might want to start signing quarterbacks with cfl experience....otherwise Dalton Bell is going to end up the starter.

Looks like Brannagan isn't going to get much of chance. Although Lemon has been pretty unspectacular (71.8 passer rating in the NFL). But I guess good QB's don't go undrafted, and then get cut by four teams. I'm looking forward to a rotating mess of incompetent starting qb's for Arrrghh's this season.

Cleo Lemon will be to the Argos what Shaun King was to the Ticats.

Hands up if you believe Mr. Lemon actually uttered the words attributed to him in the press release:

Signing with the Toronto Argonauts is a great opportunity with a great organization," said Lemon in a media release. "Now it is my responsibility to be in the best shape of my life and learn as much about the Canadian game as possible before I hit the field. I'm excited about this opportunity and intend to take full advantage of it. I believe in preparation and will go full steam ahead in doing my part to help lead this team to future success.
I wish him luck though. Think of the puns we can all make if he becomes the starter!

. . . or he might be the second coming of Mike McMahon. . .

"When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super-lemons" -- Cinnamon J. Scudworth

If Cleo helps the Argos win some games could we call it "Lemon-Aide"?

I'll bet he's really juiced to start the season.

If he leads them to a win, it will be the fruits of his labour.

If he lacks pocket presence and runs away from some D lineman in fear, is he yellow?

This is going to get downright silly. . .

Doug Flutie thinks he might have what it takes to leave a sour taste in Ti-Cats mouths:

[url=] ... 68721.html[/url]

Author of the article is a spell-check victim:

From the article:

The Argos likely are to add more quarterbacks, perhaps as many as two, but it’s unlikely any will have the [b]cache[/b] [sic] of Lemon.
Presumably he meant "cachet".

At least he didn't say anything about the Argo receiving "core".

Maybe he wanted to add an acute accent above the letter e and spell it..caché

and he was the a victim of his keyboard which didn`t have an acute accent key.

I have had the same problem many times, safetyblitz,

This time I copied and pasted the word caché from somewhere else
because, like many others, my keyboard doesnt have one either.

If life gives you Lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life gave them vodka. Then you got a party! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

If he meant to type “caché”, he’s still wrong. Caché (with the accent aigu) isn’t a word in English, and in French it isn’t a noun, but the past participle of the verb “cacher” and can be used as an adjective meaning “hidden”. “Cachet” in English means “prestige”, and is derived from a French usage meaning “stamp” or “seal”.

Now back to bad puns on Lemon’s name. :smiley:

ottawacat: Sounds like he has a great attitude towards life and not just football. I wish him luck with the Blue team (but not too much!).

He sounds like a great guy and doesnt have the big ego that guys like Timmy Chang and Mcmahon had. Hopefully he becomes a star up here because the league needs it and it's great that Flutie is spreading the word and pointing guys in this direction.

The Taz could be putting the squeeze on this guy. :thup: :x I love some of the new names coming into the CFL, more fun for the lads.

For the last few years almost every team in the NFL is becoming a lot more pass dominant. The use of schemes is also a lot more prominent now and they are a very CFL thing. The transition these days is a lot easier than it used to be.

I also sometimes see CFL style offenses in the NCAA which is where every NFL QB comes from.