Argos Sign Filice

Actually last years team was full of vets and everyone thought they'd be a force. Didn't happen

Come on didn't think that question was just for you now? Although you do post non-stop your not the only one in this thread never mind the forum.

That wasn’t a question and anyone is welcome to join in

First of all “sigpig”'s original post was sarcastic about Filice signing with the ____s. And secondly, the reason he was cut from the Ticats is because, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, we have a dearth of quality Canadian linemen who are younger and cheaper than Fabio and were brought in by the new regime.

I wish Filice all the best in his future endevours as well. But he is nothing more than a ratio filler for the ____s as an 8th offensive lineman.

And he has a name the ladies love as well. So at least he has that going for him. :wink:

  • paul