Argos Sign Eric Wilbur

8) TSN and Drew are reporting that the Argos have signed former TiCat kicker Eric Wilbur.
   Regular Argo kicker, Swayze Waters has been put on the 1 game injury list .

    Wilbur will obviously play today !!   Could be very interesting indeed.  I'm sure Wilbur would like to prove a point
     to the TiCat organization  !!!

Interesting. What happened to Waters? I hadn't heard anything about him getting injured, it's just now that I heard he's on the one-game injured list.

We know that Wilbur can punt. But the last time he attempted a field goal, it would have been a game winning one and I remember it being from inside the 40, with wind not being much of a factor. It was a preseason game, but his job was on the line, and he lost that job in Winnipeg at least partly because of that.

He may be good at punting, but he may not be quite as reliable when attempting FGs. (Hey, Chris Williams, did you get that?) :slight_smile:

One more person Williams will have to go through. Wilbur is not afraid to put his head into a runner, if I recall from when he played here.

I remember him taking down Owens to seal a win on the last play of a game in 2010. But I'm not sure how much better than Waters he'd be.

Will he be motivated to do well against this team that cut him after Medlock beat him to be the P/K?

Drew says this:

Ticats ST coach Jim Daley and kicking coach Paul Osbaldiston watched closely as new Argos kicker Eric Wilbur warmed up – Daley appeared to be timing the snap/hold/kick speed. Wilbur's leg strength looks good – that's never been an issue but past 40 yards his accuracy suffers.
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