Argo's Sign deal to stay at Rogers Place?

The Argo's have signed a deal to stay at the Rogers (We got Ripped off as Tax Payers) Centre until 2017 according to the Montreal Gazette.

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I for one Tiger-Cat fan have never liked the place for Football, the nose bleed section is the lower bowl of seats that's pretty bad, you are so far from the field and action your actually in another time zone!

It's by far the Worst place to watch a football game in the CFL because it was designed for baseball and the Jays and to make matters worst is the fact as Tax Payers we only paid $400 million for it and ten years later it sells to Ex-Jays management group led by Pat Gillick and Rogers for $25 million, sweet deal, only in Argo land do you find deals like that!

Remember the Gas Plants, it's because some ex-Liberal Argo fan was sitting on the board making decisions on how to waste tax payer monies for politics. Ah they can win a Grey Cup, they can a get cheap place to play, they can even rip off the Tax Payer but they still cannot draw a decent crowd to an Argo game!!

The Jays have announced grass in 2017. The Argos will have to be out then. Theres an option for the Argos to opt out early if they want to.
They will need a new owner and new place to play in 2017. BMO is still the likely choice as today the Argos president did say that adding a roof and scheduling on opposite weekends would give soccer fans a better game experience and help both teams.
Look for MLSE to be in talks to buy them.
In other news, expecting to get your money back on ANYTHING 30 years later is hardly realistic, enough with the taxpayers comments, id be more concerned if the Argos were getting their own stadium built with tax payer money.

skydome was purchased by Rogers 15 years after it opened. not 30, as you claim ( stadium is 24 years old now ).
construction cost was also $570million ( or $913 million in today's money ) and sold for $25million.

You’re right. I’d be happy to do you a favour and take your house off your hands for whatever it was worth in 1983.

The problem with these debates about the difference between the original price tag for a stadium (and of course the public portion of funding involved) and its subsequent resale price is that the original price tag is based on what the thing cost to build, whereas the later sale price is based on market value to an interested buyer.

The construction cost is not all that elastic. Maybe it could have been built for a small fraction of what the bill actually was... who knows? But somehow I doubt it. The resale price depends not on the original cost, but on what a buyer is willing to pay for it. If you want to sell it and the best or only offer is $25 million, that's all you're going to get for it. There's no point saying it should have sold for more if there was no one willing to pay more.

As far as RC is concerned, I don't mind it at all as a place to watch football or baseball. The main thing it's missing for football is a decent crowd in the stands. Dial the clock back to 1992 or thereabouts and IWS with 12,000 fans was no treat either. RC for a sold out Grey Cup game is terrific.

Skydome is horrible for football. I heard some radio guy say yesterday that no Argos owner has made money there since the first season. So while it's good they are leaving the new problem is where? The CFL sans Argos would have a precarious future.

The Rogers Centre is Terrible for watching a football game and I agree with the posts and many Cat fans who have said this in the past, No sight-lines for Football, it was designed for Baseball.

Rudge mentioned yesterday that Pickering is interested as a possible site for a stadium but apparently Mississauga and Vaughn are the front runners. I recall Mayor Hazel saying that Mississauga would be very interested in speaking to the ownership of the Argo's in building a stadium in her City near highway 10 and the 401 area if the Argo's were to move to the burbs, where to build would be another question as most of the land is already spoken for or has a new development on it already? The Argo's have had a long relationship with Mississauga at U of T Erindale Campus as their training centre. Vaughn is also interested in doing something that could tie in with Canada's Wonderland or close to it? So you never know.

And I bet all the communities like Mississauga , Vaughn are saying we would like them here but don’t expect us to pay for a stadium!!
You know that Mayor Hazel is not going to fork over $200 million to build a CFL stadium, it’s not going to be as easy as people think. Taxpayers are fed up with their dollars being wasted, they want to see their dollars spent on worthwhile projects, not on a CFL team that only plays 9 games a year.
I’m sure that all of these communities are expecting the new owner to build them a stadium.

I can find nothing to suggest that the above mentioned communities are interested. The only article I could find was this quote......?
Rudge also declined to offer the specifics or the nature of any discussions to build a new stadium. He suggested the Argos would be open to moving into the suburbs: “You’d look at things like Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham across the top of the city … and maybe perhaps as far east as Pickering. "

Could you please provide a link.

Not the same comparison at all, id compare it more to a car - it was left and not renovated or taken care of for 15 years. If anything Rogers put money into it to spruce it up, not to mention buying its main tenant. There’s more to the deal than just the cost of the stadium, without owning the stadium the Jays could have potentially been without an owner, if taking a hit on the stadium cost is the price to keep major league baseball in Canada i say its well worth it, they’ve done a good job owning the team and it was a win win for all IMO.

By the same standard what was IWS worth when it was torn down?

Agree, not a big baseball fan but having a pro team in MLB is good for Canada, gives some motivation I think as all pro teams do to have kids to play a sport, the more pro sports the better really for motivation for our youth to get excited to play a sport.

That being said, thank goodness tbe Argos never bought the RC which would have basically forced them to play there for a very long time. Would have been a big mistake.

While the Rogers Centre isn't a great place to watch a football game,the stadium itself was never designed solely for baseball.It was really the last of the multipurpose "doughnut stadiums" which came into vogue in the mid-60's/early '70's.Take away the retractable roof and it resembles:Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia,Riverfront Stadium in Cincinatti,Busch Stadium in St.Louis,Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh,Atlanta Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta etc.

All of those stadiums housed both baseball and football teams.

In all cases,both the baseball and football teams have new facilities that are separate from each other and none of the previous stadiums exist any more...The fact of the matter is that Skydome/Rogers Centre was nearly obsolete when it was built because once the new Comiskey Park in Chicago and Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened,the die was cast in sports specific buildings...

Yeah, looking at it nowadays it looks out of place as you just don't see these circular stadiums any more or much anymore, maybe Oakland's is a bit like this I think, San Diego's as well?:

Talk of grass at the dome booting the A*&^s has me thinking about the Bills. There hasn't been much chatter about the impact of grass on Rogers' contract with the Bills or their long-term hopes for an NFL team. But this was in the Star:

"The NFL-to-Toronto talk also seems at a particularly low ebb at the moment given the extension of the Bills' one-regular-season-game-a-year deal (by the way, that would likely be unaffected by grass at the Rogers Centre: the Bills have often played that game in November or December, well after the baseball season)."

If it's accepted that the RC can only schedule NFL games after the World Series is done, then does Rogers' commitment to grass mean that they're not pursuing an NFL team anymore? Or that they're planning to build yet another stadium in Toronto?