Argos Sign Christie/Demote Allen to 3rd

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The Argo saga continues this week.... Bishop starting, Mookie Mitchell back and a 39 year old former NFL Kicker.

Signing both Christie and Mitchell. Can you say, salary cap infraction.

That's it! I'm canceling my season's tickets!

Would be interesting to see Mr. Christie play up here.

I hear makes good cookies.

why would they sign Mitchell?? I know a lot of people think he still has something to contribute and he might,but they definately don’t need any help at receiver. It said he’s only 91 yards short of breaking Masoti’s record…maybe that’s why.

Should be interesting to see how Christie does after a 3 year hiatus.

I thought they brought Mookie in as a receiver's coach.

the argos try to hard to win the public relations battle, instead of signing young promising talent, they always try and go for washed up vets like john avery, ricky williams, andre rison, mookie, damon, christie, etc, etc, etc. i wouldnt be surprised if they try to coaxe doug flutie outta retirement for the 7th time, maybe danny mac will get a call in august.LOL

What are you talking about? The Argos just had the youngest, deepest camp in years. Problem was, not many of the young guys were any good. They did come away with 3 promising quarterbacks, along with a few backups to the defensive cornerbacks. As for Mookie, no one really wanted him to leave, he didn't want a pay cut and Edmonton was willing to open their wallet. If one of the greatest Argo receievers in history knocks on your door in your hometown Grey Cup year, well it doesn't hurt to have the depth and see if he's got another year left. Steve Christie is doing his long time bud Clemons a favor and I believe he signed for just one game due to Prefontaines injury. Argos would be 1-0 if Christie was on the team last week one would think.

Lastly, for the record, if Flutie signed with Hamilton, they would be favored to win the East.

Am I the only one thinking we greet the new argo kicker with the cheer "wide right" ?

They didn't sign Scott Norwood.