Argos Sign Canadian QB

I agree wholeheartedly Artie-Lange!!

This is another myth. Orban played in an exhibition game in 2008, and went 1-2 for 10 yards. He had no rushes. No TD's were scored on his possessions.

The Riders scored on 3 drives, two of which were led by Jyles (1 passing 1 rushing), the other by Crandell (passing).

Orban, in limited time, did basically nothing. Although there is this myth that he led some Elway-ish drive that to this day stands out in pre-season lore. Sorry, it just ain't so.

Yup, you're right. Thanks ARtie. I did indeed have that wrong. I remembered the Riders scoring late, but Jyles was still in at that point. And then Orban came in afterwards to mop up.

Still...would have liked to have seen him get a longer look in the CFL.

People talk about Russ Jackson as if he was the only Canadian QB back in his era. He definitely was the best but others like Frank Cosentino, Don Getty, Gerry Doucette and Gerry Dattilio played and started as well.
The main reason they and even Jackson got their opportunity was the fact there was X number of imports (14) and X number of Canadians (18) in uniform for each game. No special rules for QB's. You had your starting QB and your backup was either a Canadian or an import who could play another position (like DB or WR). Most teams would have both, but if there was a QB standing on the side lines with a clip board it would be a Canadian as the import spots were too valuable to have a backup import QB on the sidelines.
But that's how and why Russ Jackson got his chance to play. They had to put him because of injury to starter Tom Dimitroff (if memory serves me correct) and the rest is history. Would he have got that opportunity under the present rules? Not a chance.

I think everyone wanted it to work out for the kid. Having said that, no one in the CFL is more cognizant of the importance of local talent than the Riders, and no one has done more to sign, develop and keep local talent than the Riders. The fact that the Riders gave him a shot leads me to believe that he was given a fair opportunity, and if any team would have kept him if there was any reason to, it was Saskatchewan. The fact that they didn't...tells me there may have been too many key shortcomings in the team's mind.

As a new fan to the game, this seemed to me like a no-brainer, so why did it take this long for them to figure this out? :?

The rule only applies to training camp rosters. A Canadian quarterback would still count as a roster spot on the active roster, and I don't believe it would provide any credit against the ratio.

Thanks for pointing that out. He got a chance in a game and basically did nothing. He wasn't cut because of anything else.

This year QB crop coming out of the CIS is the best in recent memory.
So good, that the CFL could institute an actual Canadian QB spot on the active roster just like the old designated import rule which was recently eliminated.
I recall Larry Jusdanis was the last Canadian QB that hung around with Hamilton and maybe Montreal didn't do too bad and the teams gave up on him way too early.

Gerry Datillo was first listed as a wide receiver at his first Alouette camp. When he became the QB the Als started winning a few. I remember being at the Big O when he led the team to a victory. The next year, however, the Als instead of letting him grow at QB, brought in Vince Feargammo the all pro all american flop..The Als paid him the huge salary of 300000 which prompted him to leave LA. In my youth, the Cfl used to steal the star NFL players by offering them more than NFL . All pro players like Tex Coulter, Bill Allbright, Billy Shipp left the NFL to make more money in Canada. The NFL were livid at the Canadian teams stealing their players and their All American rookies like Billy Vessels. $20 000 was a huge salary in those days. The Als only gave Matt Bertrand a look for a couple of days and, they signed Jesse Palmer but let him sit on the bench the whole season. I believe if the Als had shown more interest in Palmer he might of stuck around-should an ex NFL QB, a top NCAA player be treated that way, I would have to say no. My dream was of Ottawa starting up and, the Als giving Jesse to Ottawa for the first CIS drafted Canadian player.

QB Gerry Dattilio is pretty highly regarded as a canadian qb. did a little time with the stamps. i forgot about him... i dont remember if him and varga played at the same time. awesome refrence on the dattillo.

In fairness the Als picked up Palmer and were going to give him a shot at a backup role as we know no one was then or even now can anyone unseed AC who is the best QB in the league and further in my opinion, maybe the best or near the top in any league, No Funners included.
That’s why Palmer took the broadcasting job as he probably saw no chance other than holding a clipboard.

if he would have stuck around he might be at the helm for toronto or winnipeg by now. you never know...

i was always under the undestanding that it doesnt matter if u have 3 american qb's, 3 canadian qb's, 2 americans, 1 canadian, 2 canadians 1 american.... DOEST MATTER. because the qb's dont count towards the ratio at all.

am i wrong?

and earlier in the thread someone said bell is classified as a vet so he isnt allowed to attend rookie camp.. THIS IS FALSE because ryan dinwiddie and bryan randall both attended rookie camp last year with the bombers and neither were rookies, as a matter of fact mr dinwiddie got cut after rookie camp.

I listened to the interview on Fan590, McDonald certainly was making all of the right noises regarding Cdn development, not just at the QB position. Refreshing to hear a more optimistic view coming out of the league offices for a change. Bob McGowan made an interesting point how CFL teams don't have the financial resources to really properly develop Cdn players, if you aren't able to make some sort of a contribution right away it really hinders your chances at sticking. Jason Pottinger for example, in the mix as a starter this year but has basically been a speacial teams guy up to now, which is fine, he's contributing. A QB on the other hand save maybe holding on kicks can't really contribute on special teams. So I was wondering, would the league consider sponsoring an Arena League team? Granted completely different rules but a team out of say Saskatoon might be able to garner enough fan interest to pay the bills, and stocked with Cdn talent might be competitive and offer a chance at developing some players? That is in the absence of any other league that would be an option south of the border. There have been a number of imports who have played in the CFL the last few years that came from Arena ball.

I was at the pre-season game and he did not do what you say. Take a look at the game stats on this website (under schedule, 2008). How do these false 'facts' get started!!??

And that's why I'm against mandating a Canadian QB. Teams need a little incentive to evaluate Canadian QBs, but really their decision about who plays has to be based on science, not emotion. I think most would agree that we want to see the best players out there, particularly at the most important position on the field. Otherwise, a team's ability to do the most important thing, win, would be seriously compromised, and that affects its bottom line, which affects the health of the league in general.

If you read the whole thread, you'll see I corrected myself. What I remembered was a late TD, and I remembered it as Orbans, but it was indeed Jyles who got that TD and then they put Orban in there on mop-up afterwards. So for the 2nd time, I stand fully corrected, and feel much shame. :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea if you could find a center (such as Saskatoon)? that could pretty well pay for itself. Have each team send about three players, but there would probably have to be some imports involved to be competetive with the American teams.
Biggest reason the league probably won't do something like this as it makes sense.

barker was on the fan960 this afternoon. he is really intent on giving brannigan a chance, but said its not a publicity stunt, and he stands as much chance as anyone of getting cut. they got another qb today for camp. former miami guy. also interesting, when asked why he cut all his qbs, he said its easier to attract good talent if they know the job is open. also said he is not going to consider taking a chance on buck.