Argos Sign Canadian QB

And yet he likely has the best opportunity to stick around in the CFL because of his athleticism. I wouldn't be surprised to see him turn up on a roster in a different position.

I can see Glavic as a wideout, maybe the argos could sign him as well.

[quote="canadianhothead"]chief, are you thinking of Adam "pacman" jones?

That was Pac-Man.

If I understand the radio right, the CFL has made a rule where a team can carry a Cdn QB and not have it count as a roster spot. This is excellent for the development of Cdn QBs.

Yes this is a very smart move by the CFL , as the old system of not counting a QB against the ratio just was not working, and as discussed in these forum,s A Canadian QB is as good as a Marque QB from the NFL with regards to fan interest and Good P.R._ If Branagan is successful, and the Argo,s are winning, they will sell out the Sky Dome! Now its Hamilton,s turn to take this new opportunity. :thup:

Totally agree. If that douche Jesse Palmer decide to play in Ottawa instead of being the bachelor the renegades would still be around and probably in a new stadium.

It is, but the extra spot is at training camp…no gaurantees on anything further for the player(s).

However, the CFL has apparently recognized the level of fan interest/PR value of having Canadian’s playing QB in the CFL and as discussed yesterday on Prime Time Sports, they are at least talking about creative ways to encourage teams to put Canadian QB’s on their roster (i.e. having their salaries not counting against the cap, being able to draft an additional player if they take a Canadian QB in the draft etc).

How soon this all happens is anyone’s guess. My thinking is that it won’t be a short term thing, but it is at least encouraging to see their talking about correctly this obvious flaw in the league. Here is a link to the interview with the player development guy from the CFL on PTS yesterday. Click on the first link and fast forward to about 18:30.

As a side note, I kind of came away with the impression that the league isn’t taking a lead role in Canadian player development in general, and in particular, QB’s. I know it comes down to dollars and cents, but I firmly believe a league that literally trades on the fact that it is “Canadian” (This is OUR League and all that), needs to take a more meaningful role in player development at least at the CIS level. I don’t know how much the CFL invests in the CIS or Football Canada, but if anything at all, I suspect it is woefully little. I hope when the next TV deal comes down, that the league is able to invest some of the extra cash in this area.

Oh, 1 other thing while I think of it. Football Canada is apparently going to put a team in the World Senior Football Championship (which is put on by the same people who have organized the world junior championship the past several years played during Superbowl week). It will be very interesting to see, who they send (I assume it will be a mix of drafted and graduating CIS/NCAA players) and how they fare against a similarly stocked US senior team. Canada has done really well at the junior level, but will be ineresting to see how we do at the next level. Here is a link to the site and to a press release annoucing Team Canada’s coaching staff, which is the cream of the crop in Canadian university ball. [url=] ... oaches.pdf[/url]

I'm all for encouraging teams to develop Canadian players, but I think giving teams an additional draft pick is a dumb idea. If they want to set it up so that the salary of a Canadian QB doesn't count against the cap, I'd be fine with that.

Although it is great to see Toronto sign Brannagan to a Contract. The odds of him actually getting a spot on the roster is not great.

he's got a lot of tough competition to contend with and he'll already be at a disadvantage..

just don't be shocked if they end up releasing him when the final cuts are due.

I really hope he makes the team actually but yes, I'm under no grand illusions that he will make the Boatmen.

well i am going to choose to not be as negative as the haters, and just hope he gets a fair chance, and takes advantage of every chance he gets to do hos legacy proud, and become perhaps a pioneer for a new gerneration of Canadian QB's. im not going to be like some fans(non fans) who hope he will fail, just to say "i told you so.'

on a side note, anyone heard anything about the other two QBs/ i havnt heard anything yet. im guessing if they havnt been signed by now, it will doubtful they get a chance. but heres to hoping.

Teale Orban deserves another shot as well.

He did everything he had to do to make that Rider team 2 years ago. In his only playing time in exhibition play, he engineered a drive that ended with a TD. More than can be said for probably 75% of American rookie QB's over the past 20 years (hello Ted White).

Another guy it broke my heart to see not really get a shot was Tommy Dennison. That guy was a flat out winner. He would have killed someone if it meant winning a game I swear. He was small, he was unorthodox...but all he did was win games.

Funny how the names of Canadian QB's that would have been great to see get a real shot are flooding back for me right now...Archibald, Proulx, someone mentioned Leason...

i feel the same about dennison. i thought he was going to be the real deal. i think it was more of a timing thing with him… The coaches thought they already had proven quarterbacks… could be different for brannigan, as he is being given an equal shot. something that doesnt happen bery often for a rookie qb, let alone a Canadian rookie.

as far as teale orban, i wasnt very familiar with his career or tryour. is he still a part of any program anywhere?

The thing about Dennison too was that he was tantalizingly close. But the sad fact is, if Dunnigan hadn't taken a personal interest in the kid, he never even would have made it to a camp.

Orban was cut by the Riders after camp in 2008, and didn't play anything other than flag football last season. In Feb., he signed an arena ball contract to play in Fairbanks, Alaska (of all places). So he clearly still has the desire to play.

kind of a side note on that... without dunnigan, Nik lewis might never have gotten a chance. all the teams hate him, but hes prolly my fav import player. hopefully some other coaches want to take some chances in the future.

I remember Denison being at the Argo camp. Can't remember the names of the two US rookies at the time (who had been in NFL camps) but I couldn't see any difference in any of their throws. Tommy could make all the throws they could, but he would have had to be better to get much of a look.

The thing to me with Brannigan has always been his accurate delivery and so consistently. That to me is a big building block to start with.
Kerry Joseph could keep practicing for the next ten years and he still couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Not to put him down its just the way it is. He was a great running QB no question, but could never be a pinpoint passer.

Speed of the game is a big issue. More so with some players then others. It is often quite easier for talented players to move up because they are playing with more talented players. Brannigan doesn't appear to spook very easy in the pocket which is good, you have to be cool hand Luke back there. Its going to be interesting to watch in TC and see if they do give him a real chance to succeed.

Glavic is a good athlete but in IMO hasn't got all the ingredients to be a pro QB. Could make it as a SB.

Faulds has a chance IMO if someone wants to take the time to develop him. But for pure passing skills (its like hockey, if you can't skate you can't play...for a QB if you can't pass its the same thing) I've always liked Brannigan.

denison got looks from toronto, calgary, winnipeg... and MAYBE regina? so it seems he was always on the line of staying on. just the way it goes i guess. if he would have had an american team look at him, would have hada better chance in the cfl. Just the way it is i spose. i read that Dunk is tryin out as a reciever instead of qb. anyone know if Denison is still in the game at all anywhere?

Thats the thing though. How much of a "look" did he really get? He certainly didn;t get a decent look in Calgary, despite Dunnigan's help. He was doomed before he started the way the owner (Feterik) was messing with football decisions to ensure his kid made the team.

The reailty is, unless a Canadian QB is exceptional, he's not likely to make any team with the current rules. A Canadian QB gets hurt or pulled from a game, replaced by an import QB means an import has to come out somewhere else. So, unless the guy is the 2nd coming of Russ Jackson, he's not likely to make a team in the CFL. Its just not worth it for a CFL team to take the risk right now. Which is why people are saying there needs to be some other incentive for mentioned above.

Russ Jackson wasn't Russ Jackson in his first or 2nd CFL camp either...QB's take time to develop and Canadian QB's will probably take a little longer...making the need for incentives or rule changes even more imperative.

The other guy would have been great to see play in he CFL (while I am thinking about it) is Jesse Palmer. Much as I don't really like the guy, its really too bad his ego was so big that he couldn;t have agreed to a modest salary for 1-2 years, with big bonuses if he played/played well, to see what he could do in the CFL before retiring to the broadcast booth. He might have just paved the way for the acceptance of Canadian QB's. Or at least bought the CFL a little time to work out how to get a couple more in the league

Hope the league mandates that every team has to have a non-import QB on the roster by the 2012 or 2013 season. Think of all the guys would didn't get the chance, but would have been capable (Leeson, Orban, Maki, etc)

That's just wrong. There is no import/non-import designation at the QB position....FOR THIS VERY REASON.

Maybe the Esks will allow Bertrand to line up behind centre. He was pretty good in his days at Laval!