Argos Sign Canadian QB

The quarterback position has been overwhelmingly the domain of import players in the CFL, but Canadian university star Danny Brannagan will try to buck the odds with the Toronto Argonauts.

The Argonauts announced the signing of the Queen's University star pivot through the 2012 season Monday. The team had examined Brannagan at the recent CFL evaluation camp for prospects.

"He can make all the throws and he understands the Canadian game and how to read defences," Argos coach Jim Barker said in a release. "We are excited to watch Danny compete with the other quarterbacks we have signed."

Brannagan engineered a comeback from 18 points down in the Vanier Cup in November, leading the Golden Gaels to a 33-31 victory in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championship over the University of Calgary Dinos.

Brannagan threw for three touchdowns in 286 yards, earning the game's most valuable player honours.

The big victory capped off a five-year career in which the Burlington, Ont., native threw for just under 11,000 yards and was nominated for the Hec Crighton Trophy as Canada's top collegiate player.

At just six feet tall, Brannagan will have his challenges in the pros — aside from the fact no Canadian has consistently starred at quarterback in the league since Russ Jackson in the 1960s.

And the fact he was passed over in the CFL draft despite throwing 28 touchdowns in 2008 doesn't have Brannagan just "happy to be here."

"I look forward to going out there and competing for a spot on the team," said the 23 year-old.

The Argos have completely overhauled the position in the offseason, jettisoning Kerry Joseph, Cody Pickett and Stephen Reaves after a 3-15 campaign.

Last week Toronto obtained Saskatchewan reserve quarterback Dalton Bell for a draft pick and signed Gibran Hamdan, who spent much of two seasons with the Buffalo Bills as their No. 3 quarterback.

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Good for him! Sounds like he did very well at E-Camp this weekend.

This decision I do like and from what I have seen the kid has a good arm, better than Glavic.
I hope he gets a decent shot in camp and if warranted why not develop him on the PR or a third stringer instead of the alternative.

Read gogogos' excellent review of Brannagan and others on E-camp thread if you have not already, as he was there to see him perform well at E-Camp.

So Argos fans and others, will the Argos stop now at these three to have them shoot it out at training camp for the right to start for a new offence, or will they stack the matter at four quarterbacks by signing also a seasoned veteran before training camp?

Any thoughts on their strategy at this point? I thought they would have signed also a seasoned veteran by now, but perhaps they are just going with the fresh developmental approach?

I have a gut feeling that Copper Football League qb Chris Malleo will not see the lights of Toronto....also, still expecting the Lions of B.C. to move Jarious Jackson due to his salary. He could end up in Double Blue.

Not sure I agree there gill. . . with Pierce released, I suspect that they'll hang on to JJ. . . Printers is somewhat injury prone, JJ is better coming off the bench anyway, so I think they'll keep him around for a year at least, until Wally thinks Lulay and/or Champion is ready to step up to #2.

What I think is most interesting about this is they signed him through the 2012 season. Now, I know contracts aren't guaranteed, but I still think it's interesting that they made such a commitment.

They've certainly got an interesting crop of QBs heading into training camp. They might sign one more guy just to make things more competitive.

And on the subject of Malleo, what happened there? Did he not actually sign with the Argos? If not, it kind of sounds like that incident last season with the Bombers. Who was the guy who made the video about coming to Winnipeg, and then the Bombers came out and said they wouldn't be signing him? :lol:

I would imagine someone else will be brought in. Brannagan will be a practice squad QB this year or 3rd stringer at best. I'm guessing Pierce or another NFL castoff will be brought to TC.

Love the move though. Great for PR and why not give this guy a shot with all the numbers he put up?


About Malleo, I could be wrong but I thought the Argos were going to work him out, but he announced he signed a contract. I am a bit confused about that situation.

I suspect what happened here was the Argo's signed him after an "unofficial" workout (i.e. one that wasn't reported to and sanctioned by the league), but he shot his mouth off on the radio and the Argo's got their wrists slapped by the league. So, they told him to keep his mouth shut and they'll announce his signing at another time when the optics are better.

By the way, Bob McKown, Prime Time Sports, has an interview with a (missed his 1st name) ____ MacDonald who is in charge of player development for the CFL on the subject of Canadian QB's, in the next few minutes.

If interested:

If you ask any of the CIS qb's they know it's tough comp but good on the Argos to give this guy somewhat of a look at any rate. We'll see how it pans out.

I don't believe Barker has signed (or at least announced) the QB he wants as his starter just yet. So far we are looking at the ones who will battle for the 2nd, 3rd and PR guys. We can probably throw Malleo into that mix as well.
Braley's teams generally keep at least 4 or 5 QB's around. Three on the roster, one on the PR and one on the injured list.
I wouldn't be surprised to see 5 or 6 QB's at rookie camp. Hamden, Brannigan, Malleo and a couple more.
Dalton Bell can't come in until the main camp as he is classed as a vet. Of course QB's come in early and "work out" on their own.
I wouldn't count out Jeff Garcia to eventually be the Argo starter this year. He still wants to play.

chief, are you thinking of Adam "pacman" jones?

Im so excited to brannigan play in the CFL. I hope he isnt the only QB from the Canadian crop to be signed.

I might actually start to lke the argos. not as much as the stamps mind you.

Does Chris Flynn... ring a bell...does Darryl Leason ring a bell...
Until I see this guy on a 42 man roster...this signing is absoulutly meaningless.

As for a potential crossover in 2010: GO ARGOS GO. :thup: I just hope the Argos lay this to rest and place third or higher with their on going work to improve their roster and thus have a great 2010 season. CFL just keeps gettin better and better.

and then buzzkillington enters the forums to burst the bubble of fun and enjoyment everyone was having with the signing of a Canadian Qb.

IMO, a couple of teams are going to take the time to develop these guys, and that is good for the league and other kids who may want to follow in their footsteps.. unlike guys in the past, like Flynn or Jamie Bone, they are going to get a real chance to have a career in the CFL. I believe that other CFL teams should follow the Argo lead on this, the Cats should make an effort to sign Glavic.. its about time.

:lol: I had a feeling that was who it was, but I wasn't totally sure. I remember we all had a good laugh. :lol:

Brannigan is a very good quarterback and definetely deserves this chance because of what he did in college, but I honestly feel that Michael Faulds is the best Quarterback of the three. Brannigan has the most accurate arm, but lacks the pocket awareness/movement Faulds possesses. Not to mention Faulds has a cannon. The playoff game against Laurier I witnessed him throw a perfect 60 yard pass that went right through the receivers hands. Both definetely deserve a shot in the pros, and I feel either one could develop into good pro quarterbacks. As for Glavic, he has a wonky arm and lacks the pure passing ability of Brannigan and Faulds. I would be surprised if he could throw the ball 50 yards.