Argos Sign Canadian QB

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Queens Qb Danny Brannagan. you dont see them in the leauge often but its kinda cool when you do!! :thup:

He will be a camp arm, that is all.
A little good PR and fans of the team can't bitch and moan that they only have 2 QBs signed.

so wait,

you can supersede the draft?

or is that only if you're toronto?

I don't get it. How were they able to sign him, without first drafting him?

I believe that you are eligible to be drafted after you have played 4 years or are out of high school for 4 years.

Danny came back to Queen's for a 5th year meaning that after his 4th year, he was eligible for the draft, went undrafted and therefore a free agent. He went back to school but is still deemed a free agent.

well, i would assume even if he was going to be drafted, doesnt toronto have the 1st pick. therefore, they are just getting it out of the way... you see it done in the NFL draft, and i would assume that it would happen here too.

Well good luck to him, if he sticks around and works on his footwork in the pocket he'll have a legit chance, as long as he doesnt step on the field this year. That's what hurt Jusdanis's chance of making it the most, being thrown in when he wasnt ready.

Excellent explaination Tiger....there is no foul play here....sad thing is, Branagan went undrafted in the first place.

If his intention was to return for a 5th year, then why burn a pick on him - especially if he didn't attend E-Camp to try and prove himself?

I don't know if' it's sad, maybe it's just business.

All I was saying is University qb's that put up numbers like Brannigan & Faulds should be appreciated enough by the CFL that a team would actually use a draft pick. Happy he is getting an opportunity though.

Just give the guy a legit shot at a roster spot. I hope they didn't sign him just for the PR.

Funny but Adam Rita didn't even attend the weekend camp. He was on vacation. Is it any wonder why they Argos were 3-15 last year. So sad!!

An Argo-Cat fan

In another thread, I said this:

Well, it seems Barker wasn't kidding.

The current QB situation on the team Brannagan signed to does not look good, meaning that Brannagan just might have a chance to make that team. But I wonder if they just brought him for the same reason Erik Glavic is on our negotiation list. Drew said that Glavic is on the neg. list "because Obie and Marcel and trying to get ahead of the curve on the possible roster exception for Canadian QBs the league is pondering" in this post: ... -news.html

Speaking of Glavic, I'm surprised that there hasn't been much said about him being on our neg. list. And it was said that Glavic "is all but certain to end up at a training camp of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats come June" in this interesting article: ... 6-qmi.html

Glavic may be competing with Boltus for a roster spot, but he could be one of many CIS QBs who would only spend much time on a CFL roster if they can play another position. Maybe he could play another position; I don't know. Glavic is 6'6" and weighs 225 lbs and could be useful in short yardage situations. But if we'll use him at QB, then let me say that I am not looking forward to the "start Glavic" posts. :slight_smile:

Here is a nice article on Danny Brannigan by Dan Ralph of the Canadian Press:

6'6 , 225 - sounds like a "3rd down and short conversioin -QB sneak" player.(unless he's 2 thin)
Tafralis was pretty good at that last year;if memory serves correct.

If I remember correctly from last year's Vanier, this dude has a pretty slow delivery. Can't imagine he'll have that kind of pocket time in the CFL.

Good luck to him...he'll need it. Glavic has a way better chance.

I thought the same thing about him, Glavic seemed more technically sound and I like how he moves in the pocket but apparantly had a tough time at the e-camp with his accuracy.

slow delivery? truth is Branagan could run d mac,s O He sees the game i slow motion