Argos Sign Buratto...Printers Next???

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The first solution to the ailing Argos offence is anticipated to arrive in town today.

And the Boatmen braintrust no doubt hopes that in Steve Buratto, they will have the coach they need to both revive the offence and help get the quarterback they covet.

The CFL team has called a news conference for today when Buratto's hire will be confirmed.

Recently fired by the Calgary Stampeders, where he was offensive co-ordinator, Buratto will bring a wealth of experience to the position in Toronto.

Among his first tasks will be to sort through the quarterback situation and perhaps help in the pursuit of former B.C. Lions star Casey Printers.

Though CFL rules forbid the team to talk to Printers because he's under contract to the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs -- he's on their practice roster -- the Argos have made it clear they want him.

Team present Keith Pelley recently said that the team would like the opportunity to look at Printers "as a potential quarterback of the future."

Buratto was the offensive co-ordinator with the Lions in 2004 when Printers had his breakthrough season, throwing for 5,088 yards and a league-high 35 touchdowns.

Buratto, who has Grey Cup rings with B.C. as head coach and Baltimore as offensive co-ordinator, also had been courted by the Edmonton Eskimos

The 63-year-old was reportedly in Toronto two weeks ago to meet with Argos general manager Adam Rita, who once had to fire Buratto from the head coaching job in B.C.

Rita took over prime offensive duties with the Argos this past summer when Kent Austin was fired but made it clear it was only a temporary arrangement.

Once the Stamps released Buratto, he was tabbed by Rita as a leading candidate.

Getting Printers here won't be easy. His CFL rights are held by the Lions until mid-February and he's under contract with the Chiefs until two weeks after the NFL season.

...i think the ....'other considerations' that Buratto had when he declined the esks. positon are quite evident now.... :wink:

Agreed...he hates the EE organization.

Don't tell that to larrysmiles..... :roll:

I though Burrato would stay in the West, oh well.

Quite the "Musical Chairs" of offensive coordinators this year so far.

Right and nowhere has any interview or report on Buratto stated, "in or between the lines" that he did not sign with Edmonton because he did not want to go to Edmonton as you had stated. Instead he seems to have had another offer. I guess you and I both missed that between the lines statement.

Rumour also has it that Buratto was signed by Toronto because the braintrust their feel that having Buratto in TO increases the possibility of Printers signing with the Argoes. It seems that Buratto had a close relationship with Printers in B.C. and they may be a package deal now.

Darn, I’m not reading between the lines again, I totally missed that statement as well. Then I guess by the same logic, it would appear that Jacques Cahpdelaine hates the Lions organization.

This reading between the lines thing is great, I wish I had caught onto it earlier.

....WOW....that's some package deal....Printers goes to the Argos because Buratto signs on....gimme a I'll ask you a question there cfleskfan....Why don't you just admit that Steve Buratto wants to and PREFERS to coach in don't really even have to read between the lines now....IT'S OUT THERE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE..... :lol: and that is all i ever said....he might actually prefer to work for Pinball and Rita...rather than dancing Danny ...that's all.... :wink:

Actually papa, you didn't even have to read between the lines for this one it actually says in the test, "And the Boatmen braintrust no doubt hopes that in Steve Buratto, they will have the coach they need to both revive the offence and help get the quarterback they covet. It later talks about Printers and Buratto's relationship in BC. Among his first tasks will be to sort through the quarterback situation and perhaps help in the pursuit of former B.C. Lions star Casey Printers.

I tried to find where you said that he preferred to go to Toronto but you must have written that beween the lines...Why don't you admit that despite you're delusional view on things, this was not a move that in any way was an anti-Edmonton thing as you try to infer. Your petty jealousy of Edmonton and the Eskimo family has got you reading things that aren't there.

I also suggest you actually read the article at the start of this and just read the text, don't try to imagine anything between the lines.

You might actually learn something

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The Three Amigos are together once again.

The Toronto Argonauts hired Steve Buratto as their offensive co-ordinator Tuesday, re-uniting Buratto with general manager Adam Rita and defensive co-ordinator Rich Stubler. The three were last with the B.C. Lions in 2000, the year they became the first sub-.500 franchise in CFL history to capture the Grey Cup.

Buratto, a 26-year CFL coaching veteran, takes over as Toronto's offensive co-ordinator from Rita, the Argos general manager who assumed the job after Kent Austin was fired last August.

"I know it was a difficult decision for Steve," Rita said. "He hasn't ever been East before and it probably would've been easier for him to stay out West.

"But the ties he has with the people here put him in a comfort area that made it easier for him and his wife to decide to come to Toronto."

But Rita and Buratto go further back than 2000. The two first met while coaching at Boise State in the early 1970s.

Stubler sat with Buratto's wife, Judy, during Tuesday's announcement while Rita, Buratto and Argos head coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons addressed the media.

Buratto, 63, was fired as the Calgary Stampeders offensive co-ordinator following the club's 30-21 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the West Division final. But Buratto left the decision of what team he'd work for next to his wife, who suffers from macular degeneration and is legally blind.

She also shattered both legs in a car accident three years ago and continues to deal with those injuries.

Buratto declined an offer to become the Edmonton Eskimos offensive co-ordinator last week, but Judy Buratto said the presence of so many familiar faces in Toronto made the decision to join the Argos a relatively easy one.

"It was the people," she said with a warm smile.

Steve Buratto had said whatever coaching job he took would be his last. He re-iterated that Tuesday when discussing his surprising ouster from Calgary, one which left many believing he was made the scapegoat for the club's disappointing playoff loss.

"I think it's pretty obvious, yeah," Buratto said. "But we didn't win that game and they decided they needed to make a change in the direction the offence would go . . . that's their choice.

"It's part of the game. It's not the first time (Buratto has been fired) but it will be the last."

Calgary's playoff loss tarnished an outstanding season for the Stampeders, especially the club's stellar offence. The unit led the CFL in total yards (382 per game) and rushing (134 yards per game) and was second in scoring (25.4 points per game).

Quarterback Henry Burris also thrived under Buratto, finishing first in the CFL in touchdown passes with 23 and third in passing yards with 4,453 yards.

Buratto's offence in Calgary was imaginative and used numerous formations and schemes to confuse opposing defences and create mismatches like having a running back line up as a slotback and leaving a linebacker with the unenviable task of providing pass coverage.

But Buratto takes over an Argos offence that sputtered last year.

Despite the presence of former NFL rushing champion Ricky Williams and quarterback Damon Allen - the CFL's outstanding player last year - Toronto finished the regular season ranked seventh in scoring (16.7 points per game), total yards (285 yards) and last in passing (216 yards).

Williams is expected to return to the NFL next season, leaving oft-injured John Avery and Canadians Jeff Johnson and Bryan Crawford in the backfield. Slotback Arland Bruce III (77 catches, 1,370 yards, 11 TDs) is a bona fide star, as is receiver Tony Miles, who had 91 catches in 2005 but dropped to 53 this year while battling injuries.

"Mostly, it was a hit-and-miss thing," Buratto said of Toronto's offence. "They tried to do some things but they didn't settle on being anything.

"Then Damon got hurt and two receivers got hurt and they had a whole bunch of things go sideways that detracted from that."

The question remains, though, who will be Toronto's quarterback?

Allen isn't under contract for next season and backup Michael Bishop will play in the Arena Football League this off-season. Trouble is, the AFL playoffs run into July, meaning the Argos can't rely on Bishop being their starter.

The only other quarterback under contract is sophomore Eric Crouch.

Toronto is reportedly interested in Casey Printers but can't talk to the 2004 CFL MVP because he's with the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs. The B.C. Lions own Printers' CFL rights, but only until Dec. 15, after which Printers would become a free agent. However, it's worth noting Buratto coached Printers in B.C.

Allen, 43, attended Tuesday's news conference and said he wants to return to Toronto next season. If he did come back, Allen, too, would have some familiarity with Buratto. Allen was the Lions' starter in their 2000 Grey Cup championship win.

"He's a very good coach," Allen said of Buratto. "It's very important with teams getting better personnel-wise . . . you like the fact that you have veteran coaches who've been around the game a long time, understand it and continue to grow with it.

"You have to believe what he did over in Calgary will hopefully expand to what we do here. We had to assume we will see some of his imagination."

...why do people such as yourself have to resort to 'name calling ' when they are plainly seen to lose a point in argument... i'm delusional now...c'mon my friend....just admit it....everything is true ...when i alluded to the fact that 'other concerns' Buratto had were, plain and simple...READ...that he wanted the Argo job more...and as far as Printers signing on cuz Buratto is in T.O....could be seen as delusional by some....i think you would need a pair of double-strength bi-focals to read anything into that...even between the lines.....but i guess you tried... :lol: :lol: :lol:
and don't you think IF he preferred edm. he would be coaching there.... :roll:

Actually Papa, I was referring, somewhat in jest, to your ability to read things which weren't written as delusional, not you personally. I still have yet to find any evidence to suggest that Buratto chose Toronto because he didn't like Edmonton. Fact is, it seems he chose Toronto primarily because he was joining many of the people he worked with in BC and was familiar with. Other reasons could well be that Toronto was offering more money. There may well be something to the fact that the Buratto,s amd the Rita's are close, maybe there is a comfort level due to Mrs. Burattos medical conditions. However that wasn't mentioned in any articles I READ, so it would be speculative.

Why again do you not want to accept what Mr. Buratto said at face value, preferring to instead try to put your own 'spin' on what the reasons may be. Mr. Buratto stated and I quote, "I have the utmost respect for the Eskimo organization". Why is this so difficult for you to accept.

As for the suggestion that there may be a connection between, Buratto and Casey printers, that is written in the article in the original post and has been suggested in the radio here. I am quoting, it is not my assumption. Try reading the article posted by Drummer god if you don't believe me.

...if you read and take everything in the media literally and as gospel....then i can see where you're going wrong cflesksfan....i read between the lines..... :lol:

Buratto is an awesome coach and did wonders for Casey Printers

He is also very outspoken and not afraid to chew out veteran players ... he challenged Damon ... many times in BC

He also challenged Wally ... altho, more indirectly thru his comments in the media

Wally doesn't like "frank media comments" .. and turned cold shoulder to Buratto

Rita, Mohns, and Buratto ... all will have motivation to beat Wally .... Damon too

Shoud be good