Argos Sign Bryan Hall - - Huge Addition

Wow, what a massive signing this is - - not only do the Argos further strengthen their interior DLine, they also significantly weaken the DLine of a division rival they’ll be battling for first place.

Toronto’s DTs are now infinitely better than last year. The combination of Hall/Monroe/Waud/Bulcke is clearly the best interior of any team in the CFL.

This signing pretty much assures that Cleo Laing will not be returning, and that’s another positive development.

I'm not so sure about Bulcke. He played sparingly at Stanford and appears to have injury issues, but hopefully he'll make it a full season and get the chance to put some decent numbers.

Definite injury concerns - - although not as much as Lyn Gaydosh - - but lessened by the fact that Bulcke will not be a starter in Toronto. I’d actually put him behind Waud as the NI back up and certainly behind Hall and Monroe as the starters.

I don't know if I'd say the best interior, and definitely not clearly the best. Sadly that might go to the Alouettes with Vaughn Martin, and Alan-Michael Cash.

Getting Hall is a huge addition, getting Bulcke not so much., I'd temper your excitement until he is finally back on the field playing which we sadly haven't seen in a long time.

Just wanted to add as much as Laing is a tool, losing him automatically will make the interior worse because not a single player you listed is as talented as he is, and yes Hall is good but just not that good.

Wasn't sure before if you were leaning towards Bulcke being ahead of Waud, 100% Waud should be getting snaps over him Waud is a real nice piece.

Still I don't know if it's clearly the best, it's good but there's stiff competition across the board really. Call me a homer but I still think Tiger-Cats will have the best interior replacing Hall with either Gaydosh or Drake Nevis.

Sadly though it'll likely be Montreal, their entire line is ridiculous.

Not surpised by Buckle going to the Argos, I think he lives in TO. Hall was going where the highest dollars were given.

Still would of like them both to of stayed in the Hammer.

Hamilton and Edmonton have taken quite the hits.

Hall had a good year last season, and is a great guy and player, but much of that was Laurent getting double teamed almost every play that would allow Hall and the TiCat LB's to make plays. Never discount the Laurent effect!

As for being O'Shea'd by Hall with him signing with the Double Blue, well what can I say but nice signing by the Blue Blob, you got a good one in Hall no doubt about it. The thing of it is though is that the Cats may very well have a ready made replacement already on the roster in Drake Nevis.
I truly believe that Nevis might very well have Ti-Cat fans quickly saying Bryan Who when it comes to Hall next season.

A few clips of the little known Nevis..........I'll let you be the judge on if this guy is a baller or not. :thup:

On a side note Cleo Laing has officially signed a 3 year contract in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

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Bulcke has had 2 season ending injuries, Gaydosh 1. Don't see how that makes him less of a concern.

Gaydosh has been hit hard by the injury bug before he hit the CFL though. Gaydosh spent his entire first year with the Carolina Panthers on the IR after having back surgery, then got a foot injury which ultimately led to him being released and him signing in Hamilton. He played three games the year he signed then obviously got hurt on first day of TC last season and never returned. So his injury bug is a little more serious than just one off incident.

I'd lump both guys together under the category of injury prone, which I do not think is ever a players fault just it is what it is, things happen and unfortunately these two can't seem to avoid it.

You must not have watched many Argo games, because Laing was not close to being the calibre of player that Bryan Hall is.

Aside from the stupid penalties, Laing takes too many plays off and is very undisciplined in terms of his gap responsibilities.

Toronto was often gashed right up the middle - - Laing & Cummings being victimized - - by run games last year.

Laing has NFL size, but sure doesn't have anything close to NFL work ethic or discipline. Bryan Hall is considered undersized for a DT - - much like Andre Monroe - - but light years better than Laing in terms of technique.

I will give you that, you definitely watched more Argos games than I have but unfortunately my step dad is an Argos fan so I do seem them a fair bit. I was always impressed with his skill and 8 sacks as a DT is no joke, but not his discipline but I'll defer to you on this one.

Hall is a very good defensive tackle but he got lost in the shuffle a lot with other guys making plays. Can argue he was creating space for them to do so but in my opinion he was a very nice secondary part on the defence, not a must have, impact guy like Laurent, Simoni, Butler, Murray etc. Likely he takes on a much bigger role in Toronto, and goddamn I know he will make his fair share of plays next year, you must understand a bit of my argument is coming from a bitter place at the moment I will admit.

Argos fans will love him though and he is a great addition to an organization on and off the field.

I think the biggest intangible is what brings to the locker room. He's a positive guy that likes to have fun and helps to keep things loose...

But Steinauer is a better DC than Thorpe, so I think the edge is yours.