Argos Sign Bethel Johnson

A noteable signing. If he makes the roster I can see Bethel teaming with Dorsey to form a dangerous return game & probably being a spot receiver.

I am a big fan of Bethel's and please allow me to say that this is a hugh signing for the Argo's. Please forgive my ignorance but I have never seen a CFL game and I am just learning the rules. I have known Bethel since he was 11 and have watched him grow. This past year was a very dramatic year and one that he felt was necessary as far as his body was concerned. What wasn't said in the release was that he actually had a broken leg when the Patriots traded him however they never told him or anyone else. He made the saints with a bad leg then got waived for his injury. He then played for the vikings and could of resigned with them but chose not to. Bethel spent 07 healing and now he is 100% and out to prove a point. Greg Mohns has been great to deal with and he realizes what potential Bethel brings to the team. Bethel is an amazing athlete who will bring much excitement to the Argo's this year. He knows how to win and will except nothing less. He now feels as though he has returned to his form as far as speed is concerned and it is not the 4.34 posted but closer to 4.24. Good Luck NH


The CFL is a throwing league where the return game is very important. It may take Bethel time to adapt to the CFL as the pre-season is very short. That may keep him out of the starting receiving corp until he gets familiar.

I wish him well, I was surprised he is no longer in the NFL, he is still young & yes, he obviously knows how to win.

Hope you are able to catch CFL games this season.

So in the new Madden game, that guy won't be scoring TDs on returns against me anymore :lol:

As a receiver, you would think the CFL would be more fun then the NFL. Like gilthethrill said, the CFL is a passing game.

I wish him the best also. Not with his acquisition, but with the others also, I hate to say it, but Toronto got scary, especially with Joseph.

Their special teams is nasty with Bruce and whoever else.

Defense... Damn. I'll leave it at that.

If Winnipeg plays like they did last season, and Montreal and Hamilton lives up to the talent they have, it should be a very interesting season.

As I said earlier Bethel is 100% and out to prove a point. He wants to win and the CFL seems like a great place to use his speed. Bethel has the same speed that he had when he came out of A&M but he also has a chip on his shoulder to make things right and prove his point. He is very likeable and has absolutely no bad habbits. He won't even drink a soda. He is somewhat shy and that sometimes comes off as being arragont but he is very humble and will do whatever it takes to win. He can do some amazing things with his speed and he has great hands. The one problem he has had is that he gets to the cuts faster than most, and the Qb's end up throwing the ball behind him. Hopefully everyone adjusts. Good luck NH