Argos sign another QB (Ex-Bill)

Looks like we are beefing up at the QB position. I'm assuming we'll sign a couple more before training camp starts. I hope they do NOT sign Buck Pierce. He's way too injury prone.

Buck's chances of being paid by the Argos just got smaller.

This is another poor signing and is likely to fail or at best we get an NFL reject to hold the clipboard.
Why not sign any of the top three CIS QB's currently at the combines this week.
Work and develop one of them and at the same time the PR move from the fans and media would be off the charts.
As for Buck, bring him into camp as it costs nothing and then evaluate the guy who has had CFL experience and has been in the league for what five years.
Barker should know better and appears to be making the same mistakes as that failure Andrus.

They still might, while nobody wants to see a Canadian QB start in the CFL then me. and wish the league will scrap imports all together....Hamdan is much better than these kids. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in his work ethic!!

Scrap the imports ,say good bye CFL.

Signing Hamdan is a good move, looking forward to seeing his potential to prove himself/learn in the CFL. :thup:

I'm not familiar with Hamdan... I just hope that at least one of these new guys has his crap together. Also, I would like to see a CIS guy get a chance at pivot. That guy from Queens was good (forget his name).

The name of the CIS QB you can't remember from Queen's is Danny Brannagan? perhaps.

Yep, that's him. Thanks!