Argos sign #1 pick Corey Greenwood

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“Not For Long”, sums it up well, hey, Meat on the Hoof, you are a piece of meat as a professional football player, he gets it and I would do the same as him to get that big money and NFL pension. All the best to the man, seems he loves to play football whatever brand and that is a good player to have if he has the skills and motivation for the CFL.

What's interesting is he waited this long and he can try and get back to the NFL in the off season if he signed a 1+1.

It could be this guy may be all hype and no action.

you mean in 2016.option year window is toast

Good ball-player. Good pick-up. Good for Toronto & good for the league overall.

If he has finally signed with the Argos pretty much likely that his NFL options and days are finished. He has reached another level of salary and there is a ton of younger and cheaper long snappers that will and are coming through.
I have to give Kudos to another Canadian LB last week. I always thought Yurichuk was a good solid LB but has been caught behind some major talents In BC and again this season In Toronto. A first rate teams player which is extremely important more so in the CFL then NFL and NCAA. Again being put into action came up HUGE vs Hamilton.
Greenwood is a talent for sure and with some injuries to some key National players. For now Yurichuk will be seeing more time at the LB spot and Greenwood is already a top teams player wont have to be thrust into the new laguage of a modern CFL defense where really there are only two true LBs now.

He can likely really help them on Special teams and that will take pressure off other guys. At least in the short term.

Thats what I was thinking at least for the final couple of games this season while Yurickuk can focus more on playing LB and Matt Black, on Teams as well as ability to start and play at safety if needed, looking to be injured Really leaves just Gabriel without a second National with the ability. Lang as well still on the 6 game Shrinks there Canadian depth on defense. Leaves them without a top Canadian Dlineman