Argos show little class

I understand you have a salary cap and players are expendable but the way the Argos released Brashir Levingston one touchdown away from a club record has to be one of the worst PR moves I have ever seen. Watch for more high priced veterans to be released in the next week. Marcel should keep his eyes open for some veterans who could provide some much needed experience to our line-up. :thdn:

Maybe he wanted to be released based for whatever reason(s), who knows.

It's a business. The players realize that. You don't perform and you're gone, replaced by someone who can. Who really cares if he was near a record or not? Michael Bishop said on the FAN590 last night that the players understand it's a business and coaches have to make decisions. I'm pleased that Pinball showed he has the gonads to cut him, a one-time team mate.

CFL fans are always criticizing the Argos, the Als and the Lions for exceeding the old cap. Here they are cutting a guy to stay under the new SMS cap and they get dumped on. You can't please everyone I guess.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bashir lost his job to Dorsey at probally the worst time.

As for other veterans I'd expect John Avery to be cut from Toronto, Hamilton made a few cuts yesterday but I hope theres one more here in Hamilton.... Jason Maas.

Well, if they did cut Jason Maas or trade him to another team, I wonder if they shouldn't get DMac here as a "special advisor/emergency qb" if needed?

This kind of post always brings out the closet Argo fans

I'm no closet Argo fan and I think they are classless as the next guy :wink: , but if they kept him to try and get the record on Labour Day they would be on the hook for his salary for the year.

No doubt your not a Argo fan and probably one of the Cats biggest fans but you have to wonder why teams can not find a way to make room for players reaching milestones. Its not like where talking about a guy who just showed up this year. This guy was electric for this team and could have been shown the door a little more graceful than disappearing over night. You would think they would have released Avery before Levingston and I have to wonder is it Pinball's record he was about to break?

This isn't a charity its football and it's a business. Maybe he should have stepped up his game so the team would be forced to keep him.

What, exactly, is the "classy" way to part ways with a player who no longer fits into your team's plans? Ticker-tape parade? All-expense-paid trip to Fiji? Candlelight vigil at the next home game?

With Levingston being cut its shows the SMS is working and the talent gets spead around. Bashir and Pinball were tied at 8 TD returns a piece but I don't think that factored into the decision.
What puzzles me is how the Argos can keep paying Avery ($125,000 ?) for two or three games a year.

I guess that's why he played in every game thus far--so he COULDN'T break Pinball's record. He's a great returner--sometimes. Most of the time, he's a dipsy-doodler who often loses yards on returns; he never adopted the more North-South game that the coaches asked of him. Nor was he versatile enough to play any other position which the coaches also gave him opportunities to do. Keeping him would've hurt the team--they have Dorsey to do his job and others, better than Levingston could and his salary can go to shore up other weak areas.

As for Avery, if Edwards had had a decent game, I think he'd be gone by now. He may still go before the deadline but they need to decide if Edwards can play up to his old Als' form. It's probably not as cut and dried a decision as Levingston and in all likelihood, much like the situation Maas is in.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's too bad he's gone, he was one of the few Argos that I enjoyed watching. I just hope they treat O'Shea with more respect when it's time for him to hang them up...

They have to cut a high priced player to stay "under" the cap? Or do you mean to get under the cap?

If their salary was under the cap with Levingston then why would they have to cut him to "stay under the cap". That doesn't make any sense.

It's 8 games into the season....Although I don't see how they are, they better be under the cap.

O'Shea? Why, because he has been such a class act throughout his career?

That's one player they can do whatever they want with.

And for the record, football is a business. The right move was made by the Argos.

O' gotta be kidding, a cheap shot artist who is getting older and slower with each passing game, and who tries to compensate by playing dirtier and dirtier

As far as the Argo's...Ticats...EAT EM RAW.

I UNDERSTAND all this "it is Business talk" ... but, in my OPINION, ONE of the CFL'S BIGGEST Problems is Player TURNOVER ... it is hard to get attached to players, and establish a LOYAL FOLLOWING, when the teams are NOT LOYAL to their own players, especially ones who are SKILLED and get paid alot of money ... they get paid alot for a REASON - THEY ARE GOOD!!

Yeah, ok, the BOTTOM LINE is important - but a BETTER BALANCE could be struck.


I'm not sure where the Argos are regarding the cap. I know that they've added additional salary (as do all teams) since the start of the year (e.g. Butler and Edwards) and they reduced salaries by putting guys on the 9-game injured list (e.g. Damon Allen and Eric Crouch). If it's to get closer to the cap, it makes sense in order to reduce the penalty that would be imposed on the team. If they're under the cap even with Levingston, it still makes sense since they'd have more money to spend elsewhere without him.

Isn't that what the debate about cutting Maas now is all about?

An Argo-Cat fan

As for those who are asking why Avery has not been cut, I think since he is injured (yet again), he can't be cut.

Did someone say O'Shea...hang on.


Just getting warmed up for Monday.
When he hangs them out, I hope they put him in an oarless canoe and push him out into Lake Ontario.