Argos should play at BMO Field

Here is an article in the Toronto Sun. Mayor John Tory thinks the Argos should play at BMO Field. :rockin:

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Yup. A win-win. The Argos will not find a better solution.

I think everyone and his mother expected John Tory to say this since it absolutely makes and did make from day one, from a taxpayers point of view of the most use of a publically owned stadium, for the Argos to play out of BMO Field. It was built exactly for football, any kind of football. Why on earth some idiot didn't make sure it could accomodate a Canadian football field, I mean we do live in Canada after all, as a public facility, baffles the mind to no end. And reeks of a misuse of a public resource to the point it edges on being criminal, at least in intent. However, it opened up the possibility of the Argos playing out of a different facility and I believe the Argos don't have any obligation at all to play out of BMO unless someone other than the Argos pays for the extra money now needed to make it able to accommodate Canadian football. Let the idiot who made the idiotic decision to not have it be able to accommodate Canadian football pay for the upgrades.

Hi Earl,

The city came thru with their share and the Province will come thru as well. The Feds are not likely to come up with their $10M so the CFL will need to provide that - either thru additional advertising or borrowing the money from TSN or both. I am sure BMO will look great after MLSE is done with it. It will be intimate and have a roof for the fans. I can't think of a scenario where we do better. Add the fact that it pisses off the TFC fans and we have a Win-Win-Win.

So the idiot gets off scott-free? :? Anyways, if the CFL and/or Argos are going to end up paying for a stupid, almost criminal, political decision then the lease deal better be one darn good deal, that's for sure.

Not sure who the “idiots” are. I have no skin in the game and it doesn’t matter to me where they play. If someone can come up with a better solution, I am all for it.

I just worry that if they were to find a stadium in Markham or York, people will saying it is a bad location because it discourages Argo fans south of Toronto from attending. If the team moved to Mississauga, posters would say it discourages fans from north of Toronto from going to games. BMO, after it is rebuilt, gives the Argos everything they wanted:

  1. A place to play after being kicked out of the RC;
  2. A intimate stadium and not an empty bowl;
  3. A roof;
  4. An outdoor stadium;
  5. A NEW (which it will be after it is rebuilt) stadium;
  6. A centralized location;
  7. A home that will not cost $200M to build.

Again, if someone/anyone has another option, please provide.

I hear you Kevin all I'm saying is that whoever at Toronto city hall at the time whether it was David Miller or not :wink: , decided to not make absolutely sure a Canadian football stadium could play host to Canadian football, well then why should a Canadian Football League have to pay for such a dumb decision? If Braley has something up his sleeve for elsewhere, he has every right to explore that IMHO. But sure, BMO looks like it'll be an excellent facility, I can't argue that based on the renderings of the upgrades I've seen of the stadium.

hopefully Tory is privy to some info that we are not...

[b]Tory said he was optimistic the rest of the money would come together and that MLSE would one day own the Argos.[/b]

That's fair and I agree. David Miller did everything he could to hurt the Argos and help his pet project and the TFC.


Earl - the CFL nor any CFL team owner has yet contributed a dime towards BMO! The owners of a soccer team between their initial investment and money they are pouring into it now have put over $100 million into the facility topped up with taxpayer money. The CFL better not be expecting to have the millions required to make the facility meet their specifications to come only from taxpayers on top of what we've already contributed to that facility.

If it was a privately owned stadium, then I wouldn't have an issue how they built it but it was and still is publically owned. For football, in Canada. :roll:

It was built for TFC, the Canadian Soccer Association and to host the Under 20 World Cup and the city has gotten a very good return on its investment.

You're exactly right Pat, built for TFC, couldn't have said it more accurately. And TFC fans will be proud to call it a true "football" stadium. :wink:

Just think of all the laughs we will have, Earl, after the first rainy Argo game at the new BMO. It will all be worth it. :slight_smile:

When the public funding went through, it was supposed to be a venue which was also to be used for community (non professional) sporting events too, which were to include high school football, and adult rec leagues, both soccer and football. Just the fact that it was built without the ability to fit a full football field in there, proves there were some shenanigans when the final blue print was made.

I remember when the concrete was poured, the TFC fans were sooo giggly. Nice to see a wrong is being righted.

They all went out and had a party with David and proclaimed Canadians really are that stupid. :wink:

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Well - the grid iron football crowd did end up getting a 'nice' artificial turf field to play on at Lamport when MLSE paid for that upgrade there when they put in real grass at BMO. Although I'm not sure even that stadium fits a full sized Canadian football field. Looking at the Googlemaps earth view - it too looks like it is soccer field sized.

Phew so glad there's yet another thread about the Argos in BMO............................. because you know we don't have enough of them already.