Argos should have been able to play at BMO field

I think it's a blessing in disguise though and I think MLSE would have made sure the Argos are second class citizens at BMO and while at least BMO looks like a stadium compared with the Rogers Centre, I think I'd rather be second class citizens to the Blue Jays than to TFC if that is the choice.

The Argos and any ownership now and in the future are in a better position to forge their own destiny as first class citizens in whatever stadium they end of playing in.

"Vanier, outdoor concerts, perfect size for an outdoor UFC event. New York has what four or five stadiums ? Can't see any reason why Toronto can't have 3 stadium to house their 3 outdoor sports team. 115 million is a drop in the bucket of a city with a 10 billion dollar budget.?

New York has a considerably larger tax base to spend from, so the fact that they have 4 facilities compared to Toronto is immaterial.

Building a stadium for a single tenant, who can't even put 20 thousand people in the place they use now, for only 10 dates a year, and is on their third owner in less than 10 years is fiscally irresponsible.

Agree, with that few dates and apparently not a lot of fans as it seems, it will have to be part of something like a university is my guess or else it won’t happen and shouldn’t probably happen. That being said, it was a guess as to how TFC was going to make out but again this was part of the amateur under 20 championship to get the ball rolling.

Even NFL teams like SF that have won SB’s and have a large fanbase and make money hand over fist have found that it’s tough getting a football specific stadium built again because of so few dates, a large reason anyways.

Minnesota had their problems getting a new stadium built as the governments there were not keen on funding a facility. It will be multiuse for...wait for and to be shared with a university there.

Yes, so even the rich and mighty NFL is having difficulty getting those there to cough up the dough for their playgrounds.

when TFC folds, the Argos can just move in to BMO, add a few seats and blow out the endzones.

simple solution. :smiley:

No it's not, the place stinks and the odor left behind cannot be properly fumigated.

Simply not true according to the then Argo owners, C & Y, who maintain they incurred all plans and architectural expenses. When the carpetbaggers known as Soccer Canada came in with no money and then made a back room deal in the same bed with MLSE and the City.

Except that if they did fold, the Argos would still not be able to play there even if they knocked out the end zone seats.
It doesn't sound like you have not been there or haven't been reading about BMO - there is NO ROOM, the one end where the seats are located is up against the concourse for the ex-Food Building. If you remove the seats they could probably put in an NFL 10 yard end zone. The other end is backed up against the road that runs through the Ex.
They could take out the end seats remove about 3,000 seats and they would have room for an NFL field.

Forget BMO Field it can't be re-designed now - they have to stay at Rogers Centre and if they get kicked out by the Jays then the only other option is sharing with Hamilton.

Let that team down the road find an open field somewhere and we'll all bring our lawn chairs.

Share the new stadium in Hamilton. Let Braley pay for his own. He's got the coin from the last two Grey cup as starter money.

Sharing a stadium with Hamilton indeed makes a lot of sense although in that case it probably should have been built in the Oakville area. It'll be interesting to follow what happens with the Argo franchise no question.

I said that a couple of years ago. I was pushing for Aldershot, close to the GO station, next to the 403 close to the QEW/407.
Would be a 20 minute drive from downtown TO and 10 minutes from downtown Hamilton.

Yea, that's the most sensible solution yet :smiley:

We debate the Argos situation all the time and we just give their fans more reasons as to why the CFL isn't working in Toronto. Their fans are always looking for excuses, they blame the press in Toronto for not giving then more coverage, they blame the Bills and the NFL for stealing the football limelight, they blame the Jays, they blame the Rogers Centre now it's time to dump on TFC and BMO field. Their fans hate eveyone and all other sports teams. We should let them fold let them have their NFL team and let's carry on with a strong CFL.

Sometimes it’s not blame for simple blame sake, there can be actual reasons and in this case in Toronto, some reasons are applicable I would say.

'we' should let them fold?
you live in america ( or have you moved for the millionth time now ). you can't attend nor watch CFL games.
you come to this forum posing as a fan, but you take constant jabs at the CFL/argos. you'd like nothing more, than to watch the argos fold and have your precious NFL move into toronto.

'we' real fans would never recommend the folding of the oldest football team in existance ( or any CFL team, for that matter ).

I was in favour of a shared stadium as well, but not many other Argo fans were on my side. BTW, I live in Burlington and you cannot get from downtown Toronto to Aldershot in 20 minutes. If there is no traffic and QEW/Gardiner moves at about 120 km/h, you can get from Appleby/QEW to Gardiner/Yonge Street exit in 30 minutes. Aldershot is about 40 minutes from downtown with no traffic, I would say.

Shared wouldn’t work with the Argo’s. They barley go to Rogers which is middle of city, Go trains, TTC etc.

Move it to Aldershot you are hoping for Mississauga/Oakville people plus the die hards, but most casual in Toronto proper/North York/Scarborough etc would just find something else to do with there time/money.

Do it with York or UofT/varsity and try to do what Montreal did with MCgill, small stadium, packed house, games are like events. I personally think its a lot more fun to go to TFC game than Argo’s at Rogers. Crowed makes TFC fun, small, loud etc, Argo’s need somewhere similar.