Argos should get O'Shea in 2023

to be HC n GM - this should have been done when malinovich was coach
argos special teams was never better THAN when oshea was their coach

They asked O'Shea one day about Winnipeg's bone chilling cold, it's hellish heat, it's murderous mosquitos, not to mention this year's suffocating wild fire smoke... and he replied, "Yep, a man would be foolish to go somewhere else and leave all that behind."

He's crazy about living here. Come to think of it... we're all crazy. :grimacing:

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n his son is playing football at u of guelph
oshea won a cup w/ argos as a player n the won a cup as a special teams coach
n being born in ON he is canadian

he'd be perfect to start an argos dynasty n show leagues that argos take care of their own
great to unite him w/ eiben
have as many cdn born coaches as possible

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O'Shea already has a head coaching position, next gig will be GM.
Too much work babysitting grown men, O'Shea would spend half his time bailing out players, or taking blame for stupid $hit for all the spoiled Argo's childlike players do.

Pinball is more forgiving, that who you need.

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pinball should quit
he's far too busy going on tv shows to talk about jesus

Hearing Ed Hervey did not get an interview in Edmonton. Very disappointing imo.

Depending if Jones goes or not Hervey would be a good replacement for John Murphy. It would be a strong move for the Argos and could help the team.

Perhaps Ed has no friends in the league office.

i just hope that o'shea comes to argos n becomes gm n coach