Argos Should Cut RICKY

Whats the point in keeping him and paying him a phat contract if hes not going to put up big games/numbers and your not going to give him his touches? Please dont say "Ticket Sales" because they havent been anything special.

So why not send him packing?

(Oh and im not a Ricky Hater, Loved him since his freshman season at UT)

He was injured in this game, so you cant fault him for that. Im wondering if Ricky might want to stay up here, sounds to me like he likes it here.

good point!

I think he could still play on another team in the CFL, one that leans more towards a rushing attack and balanced offense. I feel like he could do some damage in the CFL given the right offense, too me it seems like Toronto has no idea as to how to run their offense effectively although Damon hasnt been playing so maybe that plays a factor too.

To defend Williams abit , the ARGOS O-LINE has been awful.

He looks unsure of himself , and/or maybe the CFL is harder than some people think.

MIAMI , may not want him back.

Not sure that cutting him will be a decision the Argo's will have to make after today's game. Watching how much his forearm bent when he was injured, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't have a bone fracture.

Oh, the Dolphins will be just thrilled if this results in a long rehabilitation that prevents him from returning to the Dolphins next year.

It would be cool and look great for the league if he actually wanted to/did stay. Unfortunately, a star NFL running back wanting to play in the CFL seems extremely far-fetched, even if it is a guy as humble and level-headed as Ricky William (Of whom I am a big fan), especially since he's been struggling in our game.

Even though I'm an Eskimos fan, I've been silently cheering him on.  Though I suppose the one positive to take from his early struggles is that they have shut the mouths of a lot of my NFL fan friends (Who are also CFL fans) who prior to this season believed that he would "Walk all over the CFL defenses" etc.  Who knows, maybe he'll pick it up soon enough, as he's an amazing athlete who isn't short on talent.  

I'm glad that he seems to be enjoying his time up here.  What do the stories that you have heard about him enjoying his time up here deal with?  His teammates, the city, the game, or all of the above?  All that I really know is that he teaches yoga voluntarily, and haven't heard him say much else about the city etc.

Feel sorry for the guy, seems like an honest man wanting to undo the wrongs he's done (even though pot smoking isnt as bad as many other offences commited by other NFL players). Hope a quick recovery for him and staying in the CFL is something that won't likely happen, but if we all do a lot of wishful thinking....who knows!
Argos (like many have said) don't know how to use him. He has great potential and I hope he succeeds in the rest of his career up north.

Johnson seemed to run fine with the "terrible o-line".

Why couldn't Williams?

I don't think you can cut an injured player. There going to have to pay em. I think its mismanagement on the part of the Argos. They forgot the heart and sole of the team the offensive line. Any fan has to feel bad for Wynn. Ricky's injury is due to the horrible turf. How many key cfl players have been injured in that field this year? too many. CFL needs to step in and say put field turf in. That field makes a free agent second guess signing with the Riders

they are getting field turf…next season.

I agree with "arjoel".

Johnson will do just fine. He'd probably even get better numbers than Williams if they both played the same amount of time.

Im with the Johnson backers. I really liked what I saw from him last year. He is the kind of runner that does well in this league, a big north-south power runner and on top of that Im pretty sure he's canadian.

I was really disapointed when the argos got williams since it completley defeated one of the goals of the league which is to give canadian players a chance to play professional football

Dolphins got Ronnie Brown no need for Ricky

The Dolphins can have him, but he did show a burst on his first carry for 16 yds, but the ensuent 3 rushes for 1 yd brought down his avg to normal...:lol:

You can't cut a guy while he is injured. He must be declared fit before he could be released...Which the Argos will not do because it makes them look stupid. :roll:

Comparing the effort of 2006 NFLE rushing champ Joe Smith to 2003 NFL rushing champ Ricky Williams, kind of makes Ricky look like a bit of a goldbricker. You kind of think he could (of) turn (ed) it on if he wanted to... :expressionless:

Keep him around long enought to show that NFL star < CFL star

Yeah I know you cant cut a guy while injured, this was posted before I knew that he had a semi-serious injury that would sideline him.

isn't he out for the season with a broken arm?

They don't quite know for how long, well more accurately are not saying for how long. You have to figure on at the bare min. 4-6 weeks he will be out? Its hard to play RB with a cast and manage to hold onto the ball. Not knowing how bad the arm is broke, or which bone either its hard to predict. So he may be back since its only going into week 6.