Argo's Shop... they suck

Note the price difference with the same hoody.

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It pisses me off that they continue to seemingly not care about their merchandise. I'd like to have a real nice hat of the Argo's and yet, on the team's site are 4 different hats. The CFL site isn't much better...

And for goshsakes take down the Ricky Williams jersey sale Argos Shop!

I agree, I've been wanting to get a custom argos jersey for a while, but CFLshop doesn't seem to have many sizes in, and i'd rather try the stuff on than order from out west. Anyone know somewhere in Toronto that I can browse some Argos gear?

I was planning on making a trip to the Rogers Centre store on Sunday, but i have no idea what to expect.

same with this sweater, i have it ... t=7&page=2

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sorry theres the link

the argo store inside the rogers centre is real good. they customize jerseys right infront of u, which is neat.

i bought this sweater at the argo store in rogerscentre for over $!?!?!

Now that's cool!

... sorry to hear you got hosed on the sweater...