'Argos set to step on throat of woeful Ticats'

That is what is printed on the front page of the Sports section of today's Toronto Sun.

How dare they describe our team as 'woeful'? Why would they feel justified in using such language?
Maybe, just maybe, because it contains more than just a bit of truth.

I know that we all love our team. have for years. and will continue to do so.
But we must be honest and recognize that our 'team' could be better described as 'Chris Willliams and a bunch of other guys'

It's not too late. There is still a long part of the season ahead. But, unless something changes quickly. both among the players ans the coaches, this team seems destined to deserve the description.. 'WOEFUL"

8) No better time to start than tomorrow, Wilf.
   If there is ever such a thing as a "must win", then it is tommorows game !!

    If we lose that game, then it may indeed end up a "woeful" season   for the Cats     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The only way we win is if we win the turnover battle. That has killed us all year long.

we can not give up over 30 points a game and win.

July 21 Hamilton 35, Montreal 34
July 28 Hamilton 35, Saskatchewan 34

Even last week against the Blues, if we’d had more than one decent offensive drive, we’d have won and given up around 30 points.

The July 21st game was 39-24, not 35-34.

Where is your source? I have searched the Sun and can’t find this? This was today’s Sun Sports. Are you just trying to stir things?

http://www.torontosun.com/sports/argos [url=http://www.torontosun.com/2012/09/06/argos-must-be-more-consistent]http://www.torontosun.com/2012/09/06/ar ... consistent[/url] http://www.torontosun.com/videos/1826401533001

mikem, you have searched for articles indide the Sun. The line I quoted weas on the outside of the Sports section.

Now, there is another quite possible explanation for a possible difference between the paper you read, and the one I get.
I live WAY up in Northern Ontario. The Sun we get leaves Toronto VERY early in the morning, and sometimes, quite often actually, changes are made to the articles and format during the printing procedure.

Trust me. the Sun that I got this morning did say what I quoted.


It's on the front sports page of the printed GTA edition, in front of a full-page photo.

And the full headline is actually:

Argos set to step on throat of woeful Ticats"

Right now we are woeful and anything related to that. But the next game is the next game, let's see what happens.

That headline is very true.

We are woeful.

The worst we've been in a long time.

I'm losing faith. I'll still watch the games religiously but my faith in winning is gone. Infact I will be watching the game on PVR... don't want to waste three hours of my life watch the 'Cats lose. Now I can fast forward through commercials and half time and be able to watch yet another losing effort in less time.