My ticket rep advised me that season ticket holders can purchase additional season tickets for as low as $99.00

Deadline is Monday, February 16 2009


$99.00 includes the taxes. What a GREAT deal.
I got two extra tickets !

I really really wanted to post something sarcastic but just didn't have the heart to do it.*

Oh, and I got my 'Cats** tickets for $89.00 with the discount.

  • & ** ...and now you know why I couldn't :cry:

[quote="Mark"]I really really wanted to post something sarcastic but just didn't have the heart to do it.*

Oh, and I got my 'Cats** tickets for $89.00 with the discount.

$89, then you got ripped off. I'd rather pay the extra $10 to watch a team that makes the playoffs on a regular basis. How many playoff games have the Cats won in the last 9 years?

How cheap are people in Tranna and hamilton? You can get season seats for as low as 89 bucks, yet you still can't sell the joint out? Here in London we have to pay 500 bucks for Knights season seats, and there's a bloody waiting list for a 10,000 seat arena.
They could probably sell 20,000 season seats for the Knights.
Which is why London would be a gold mine for the CFL.

Good Point. People are cheap. you spend $100.00 to go see a leafs or raptors for one game, but wont spend $100.00 for season tickets for a GREAT LEAGUE like the CFL. It makes me shake my head :roll:

I would pay to watch a Ti-cats game where as i'd pay to leave an Argos one

Alright, then when your Rider season tickets come in the mail, I'll give you my address and you can mail me your Argos/Riders tickets for free.

This just PROVES that Argos/CFL aren't big in Toronto and rest of Greater Toronto Area. CFL/Argos needs to do a better job of marketing their product to people living in GTA.

Then maybe the Argos should move to London????

500 bucks for like 40 HOCKEY games.
89 bucks for 9 FOOTBALL games.

Stop comparing different sports.

500/40 = $12.50 per game

89/9 = $9.89 per game (or in Toronto's case: $11 per game....but yet, they still can't sell out even though there are close 6 million people living in Greater Toronto Area. lol)

Ah, thats 450 bucks for 32 regular season games. Then you have to buy your playoff seats separately.
So if the Knights go 4 rounds, I could pay close to another 3-400 dollars.

Yet here's you football fans afraid to spend 90 bucks on season tickets for pro football?
In London we could sell 40,000 season tickets for that cheap.



If you had bothered to read the first post, $99 buys you an ADDITIONAL season ticket
So for most people this would be thier 3rd or 5th tickets depending on size of family

A new ticket is far more expensive

$300 for junk seats, $475 for ok seats, $649 for good seats, $749 for the best seats

The Argos offered this promotion to some of their season ticket holders. One $99 ticket for every season seat. My 2 season seats run me almost a 1000 bucks and for 198 dollars more I got two more. Still a great deal, but its not like I paid $99 and got out with change in my pocket. In fact, instead of 1000 dollars the Argos will now get $1200 from me this year. They will also expose my family and friends to more CFL ball, which can always help. I'm sure I will be invoiced 4 full prices next year though!