Argos Seal Their Fate This Season - - What A Terrible Move

That’s what happens when your mama’s thighs are covering your ears.

On the other hand ... just watching the Lions/Stamps game this evening. Nothing to win or lose for either team ... except players. And that's precisely what's happening to Calgary. They're just in the second quarter and Calgary is already down by a couple players due to injuries, including D-lineman Micah Johnson. Plus it looks like Buck Pierce is hurt (again). So now they've put in an obviously unhealthy Travis Lulay. I dunno. Seems risky if you're trying to get into the playoffs with all your best players.

And now McDaniel is being carried off with what looks like a knee injury. Something to be said for resting / protecting your key players.

Ugh. That was ugly. Somebody forgot to tell the Lions that this is a "nothing" game.

Sure was. And for the record, it was his ankle, not his knee. Either way, not a good sign.

It’s OK to give a player a week off. Especially one nursing an injury. However, Toronto and Calgary don’t play for 2 more weeks and resting their starters is idiocy. Play them for a quarter or two, but at least get them in the game. Calgary may not win the west, but I guarantee Calgary will show up to play while the Argos will be knocked out of the east final before the first half is over.

It doesn't look good, but I've seen that before and the player is back the next week. McDaniel has 2 weeks before he plays again so it is possible he won't miss a game. It did bend over pretty far though.

If I was an Argo fan and paying to watch the game, I'd be choked too. But if I'm Coach Milanovich, there's no way I'm taking a chance on Ricky Ray getting hurt. As Ricky goes, so go the Argos. And he can beat anybody in this league on any given day ... including the day of the eastern final.

Ego Jones getting exposed for the fraud that he is. The guy still hasn't figured out that players win games - not coaches. And especially not coaches who rely on gimmick schemes.

Let's take today's exhibition game out of the equations (Ray was a healthy scratch and everyone got play time so hard to call it one QBs game), Ray was 7-4 as a starter and Collaros 4-2. I thought the Argos would live or die as Ray went, but not so. The common thread in the Argo season is worst defense (8th in yrds/game, pass yrd/game and 7th rush yrd/game allowed) and their horrible home record (4-5).

Ricky Ray will put up his usual impressive game in 2 weeks, but the Argos as a team will have a slow start (maybe worse than usual with the extended rest for all the starters) and the game will be over by the half.

Really. . . it's a bit rich for YOU of all people to be accusing someone ELSE of having an ego. . .

Just one minor difference, Jack - - I'm not the DC and Assistant GM of a CFL team. In a position like that, you can't let your ego get in the way of decision making as Ego Jones does. Perfect example is the Brandon Issac situation.

With so many new guys on defence this year, many of them were struggling to figure out the ridiculous gimmicks of the Ego Jones defence. As the defensive captain, Issac went to Ego Jones suggesting the defensive scheme be simplified because the young guys were having so much trouble figuring it out.

How dare you question the paranoid "brilliance" of Ego Jones! Two days later Issac - - the Argos defensive captain - - was cut.

..what a terrible team, how dare they finish first in the east...

Another one who think his Ticats are in the final already.

That's not why he was cut. He was cut because he should have been convincing the young guys to stick with it instead of agreeing with them and undermining the coach. I'm not saying Isaac wasn't right but that's how life works in every field. If Isaac wants to coach or be an agent hang up your cleats.

As usual, you are completely clueless… WHERE in any of that does he think the Cats are already in the final???

He is merely stating, what everyone here already knows… the ARGOS SUCK!

Get with it already

That's ok... I'm sure the Ticats and Als want to be in the Grey Cup more anyway lol.I'm pulling for Hamilton in the East this year truthfully, they're due to at least make it into the Grey Cup. If the Lions to make it to the big show I'm sure as hell not rooting for the Riders or Stamps. As we saw with last year's playoffs anything is possible. I would have called BS on anyone that said TO was gonna win the cup last year.

I don't think it would have mattered who or how the argos played, I just have no confidence in them. My money is on ticats. Has been for a while. Then again, the cup should be going west anyhow, so....

now I have done it. Gone and jinxed the west team :slight_smile:

Ray missed how many weeks and looked spot on. Kackert the same. They are doing something right to keep these guys sharp, though it definitely goes against the grain.