Argos Seal Their Fate This Season - - What A Terrible Move

Just when I start to think maybe Milanovich might have a clue about being a HC he goes and pulls an idiotic maneuver like this Friday's decision. When Toronto takes the field for the EDF, nearly 75% of the team will have not played for three and a half weeks.

It's one thing to give guys a week off, but the idea of sitting pretty much the entire team for nearly a month is a ridiculously bad decision - - right up there with the hiring of Ego Jones as his DC.

Cue the apologists to babble on about "fresh legs" and how "rested" the team will be.

I agree. Not only from a competitive aspect but Rudge said the Argos needed to play exciting football to convince fans to come back and then they pull this. Reflects badly on the league. I'm sure TSN is thrilled as well.

I wouldn't be concerned about not playing "exciting football". Milanovich did a similar stunt in last year's season finale and it was one of the most exciting games of the season. You've got guys auditioning with their career on the line - - of course they're going to ball out. Not to mention Collaros auditioning for a starting job with the new expansion team. That's a half million dollar opportunity for Collaros - - think he's going to be going hard?

Argos got away with it last year because they had a game the following week - - against the pitiful Eskimos of all teams. Sitting all your starters can work in that situation, but not when you're going to have them sitting for nearly a month and then playing an opponent that's pretty much your equal.

I'm not sure how Zack is going to look good against Montreal's defense without any of his playmaker or his Starting tackles. If he gets hurt the opportunity also goes away.

So if Toronto wins the east final will you retract this thread?

coaches care about one thing. Winning. so if they have a less exciting game but get to the grey cup again.... I think they will take the trade off.

The problem for the Argos is that they won't play an important game for another two weeks. How do you keep the Argos in the news in that city? How many people are excited to go to the RC tonight to see backups.

They are in first and hosting the East Division Final. I'd love to have that "problem" in Hamilton whether it be figuring out how to get people out to this game to watch, keep players sharp who are nicked etc. Not a bad problem at all for Milanovich et al in Argo land, that's for sure. :wink:

Somehow I doubt Scott Milanovich is too worried about what media coverage his team gets and that's exactly how it should be for a head coach. Makes fun and quite humorous talk on a discussion board I'll admit. :wink:

mike, remember, the Leafs could play all their regulars and unless I was given free tickets with free parking and free drinks and food, I wouldn't be excited to go see them play. Actually even with all that thrown in I wouldn't be excited but might go to a game if there wasn't anything else on TV that night or anything else to do. In all honesty. But the Leafs are sure in the news a lot. Who cares, I don't.

It's not necessarily being an apologist to agree with the decision, if one happens to. Different people have different philosophies about how to approach the game.

If the Argos do win the EDF by 30 points, people will say that it was because they were well-rested. If they look sloppy and lose, they'll be accused of being rusty due to the layoff. If a major player gets hurt for a month plus, people will question why he was on the field in a so-called meaningless game.

You could probably go back and find examples of both methods working. I personally wouldn't do it in this case, but I'm sure a number of people would agree with the decision.

They are also giving away a free ticket to this game to anyone who buys a ticket to the finals. Imagine the guy who bought season tickets and is paying for this game ! I'd be pissed.

I'm not

I've seen that in other sports/leagues HF, nothing new. A season ticket guarantees your seat, same seat, for every game. No one can take that away from you and as well, there is usually a discount compared with buying individual tickets for every game. There is nothing attached to seasons about other promotions a team does along the way.

Free tickets? To see what? 2nd and 3rd stringers? Hah! Some people out there have said tat they'll be able to see some future prospects. All I have to say to that is, skip the Argos, watch CAA football. The Argos were boring enough without Ray and Owens. This is a ridiculous decision. IMO.

The only place this is happening Earl is in Toronto and Hamilton. It has an impact on your season ticket sales. Your basically telling your season ticket holders they are better to hold off and buy as they go.

Personally I'd rather pay to see this game than if I was an Argo fan in Toronto than any free game of the Leafs, Raps, Jays or TFC but that's just me, 2nd and 3rd stringers in football is just better than the other sports with first stringers, for myself in games that count. But my no. 1 love is football, gridiron so I'm biased.

Hf, prove to me that in all other sports and leagues worldwide, this doesn't happen? My guess, you will be unsuccessful.

I'm talking about the CFL Earl. You think you could get free tickets or parking passes in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan or Montreal buying the day before the game ?

Seems like a bunch of out of towners are more concerned about this then us Season Ticket holders. I’m happy to see some of the new kids play. I don’t want to see Ricky Ray get put out by some cheap shot that would only cost Montreal a 15 yard penalty.

The Argos sealed their fate by keeping Millanovich as HC. He's lucked his way to 1st in a weak east division, potentially with a second straight home losing record. His special teams are nowhere near as good as they were last year and his defense is one of the worst in the league. I've been saying all year they would not win a playoff game and I stand by that.

He could play all his starters and they still won't win a playoff game this year. Ti-Cats will represent the east.

With their better defense ?

Argo defense is worst in the league in yards/game, pass yds/game and 7th in rush yrds/game.
Defensively the Ti-Cats are better than the Argos in all 3 categories. They also put up more offensive yards overall and rushing and only trail the mighty Argos by 1.2 yrds passing per game. Now factor in the Argos phenominal home record, Hamilton's better record within the division and Hamilton winning the season series including back-to-back games this month holding the legendary Millanovich coached Argos to under 20 points both games.

Now if the Argos play their starters for the first half this week then the Ti-Cats will have to work for it, but if Millanovich is going to rest his team for 3 weeks then I give the EDF to Hamilton in a blow out.

I heard a rumour that Khari Jones may be named the new HC in Toronto